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15 Aug Vivitrol vs Suboxone and Methadone

Addiction operates by not only affecting the psychology of an addict so that they need the drug, but some substances create a physical dependency within the user that requires them to get the drug, in order for several functions of their body to continue. Physical withdrawals from a powerful drug can be incredibly dangerous, and even lethal to some addicts. For this reason, an important part of addiction recovery is using medication to transition the user from dependency, particularly opioid dependency, to physical recovery.

For this, there are two schools of thought, currently. On one hand, some people claim that vivitrol is the drug of the future, while others want substances that were traditionally used, such as suboxone and methadone. Here’s some information about these two different types of drugs…

Vivitrol companies claim it is safer

First of all, the companies that produce vivitrol make the claim that vivitrol is far safer than other substances. This might seem fairly obvious, as they actually produce the drug and want to sell more, but they’ve actually launched an enormous and fairly successful campaign to promote this idea amongst the public. As a matter of fact, Tom Price, the Health and Human Services Secretary, made a statement that attacked methadone and suboxone treatment for being too dangerous.

Is this true, though? Well, yes, and no.

Vivitrol only blocks the opioids

The difference between vivitrol and suboxone is that vivitrol is an opiate blocker, only, while suboxone is both an opioid blocker and an actual opiate drug. Critics of suboxone and methadone claim that these treatments are only replacing one drug with another, while vivitrol is blocking the addictive effects of opiate drugs without actually being an opiate, which makes it safer.

This is entirely true, but it’s also important to note that different patients have different needs. If a person is opiate free for 10 days, then vivitrol can be taken without any negative side effects, and will block the addictive cravings that addicts have. However, for addicts that are physically addicted, and whose bodies need those opioids to continue to function properly, suboxone and methadone offer a safer alternative to hard drugs, like heroin, and help treatment centers reduce that dependency to a safe level.

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