03 Jan Vices

Any type of vice or addiction is due to our psychological defects, our “self” which can also be called “ego”. These defects, which we create ourselves through our bad habits, are kept alive and are nourished every time we yield to vice, by smoking a cigarette, swallowing alcohol or using some other type of narcotic or hallucinating substances.

The most serious problem is that whenever the ego is fed, it becomes stronger and consequently has more power over the addicted person, acting on his psyche and on his organism, forcing this poor person to fall back into the vice and thus feed his shortcoming once again.
It is easy to conclude that this is turning into a “snowball”, a problem which was initially small becomes something entirely out of control.  
For this reason, people become addicted even by using small amounts in the beginning, due to their belief that they can abandon the vice as soon as they want to. This is a great error, because even by these small quantities a psychological defect is already created and nourished, and very slowly, gets stronger and starts involving its victim until it has total control over this person. When he or she “wakes up”, the addiction problem is already very strong.

•Pride: Webster's: Too high of an opinion of oneself. Self-respect.
Synonyms: arrogance, vanity, snobbery

•Greed: Webster's: Wanting too much, selfish with money.
Synonyms: gluttonous, miserly, selfish, avaricious, piggish.

•Envy: Webster's: Jealousy of another's success or possessions.
Synonyms: resentfulness, ill will, spite, rivalry, selfishness.

•Lust: Webster's: Excessive activity, vigorous, to take or want something.
Synonyms: craving, desire, passion, urge, selfish.

•Sloth: Webster's: Laziness, Slouch.
Synonyms: inactivity, sluggish, idle.

•Gluttony:  Webster's: Insatiable, excessive eater. Greedy feeder.
Synonyms: desire, appetite, longing, greed, selfish.

•Resentment: Webster's: To be unhappy with one.
Synonyms: ire, animosity, fury, passion, hostility, outrage, displeasure.

•Terror: Webster's: Great anxiety, to be afraid of.
Synonyms: alarm, fear, horror, nervous, panic, uneasiness.

It has been my experience that folks who have no vices have very few virtues.
-Abraham Lincoln-

Addiction Recovery Group offers a holistic, clinically driven approach to drug rehabilitation that addresses the mind, body and spirit. Our program is based on proven and evidence-based substance abuse modalities that are vital to long term addiction recovery. We provide a continuum of care customized for each individual that is based solely on their progress and appropriate to their needs.

Call 1-888-917-3422 to speak with an Intake Specialist. The first step in the process is to get an accurate assessment of the person's level of addiction and level of desire to get sober. Once a thorough assessment has been completed we can determine if the person is appropriate for our center. Getting help is just a phone call away.

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