Our clients experience recovery from substance abuse addiction in the heart of Southern Utah. Our spacious facility is conveniently nestled at the base of a bluff in the beautiful city of St George. Surrounded by red rock country, Therápia provides a unique residential alcohol and drug rehabilitation experience based on proven and evidence-based substance abuse modalities that are vital to long-term addiction recovery.

Our beautiful facility provides a serene environment with easy access to what we consider as our campus – all of the beauty of Southern Utah. Our state-of-the-art facility was designed with soaring white pillars and classical architectural design reminiscent of the design elements that originated in Ancient Greece. The style and design of our building is a reflection of our name – Therápia – which is Greek for “healing” and our program which focuses on a holistic, mind – body- spirit approach to healing.

This healing environment is ideally suited to addressing the specific needs of our clients. Our facility includes a beautiful indoor pool surrounded by Grecian pillars. The pool is large enough for laps and various water workouts. A sun deck sits off the southern end of the pool for maximum sun and relaxation. We provide a weight room complete with multiple cardio machines and weights. In a separate yoga/aerobic studio, clients can meditate during a yoga session or move to an aerobic workout. We also have a gymnasium for team as well as individual sports and activities. Our back patio provides the perfect setting for group therapy and 12 steps meetings.

Our classic style facility includes numerous lounges and meeting rooms for therapeutic groups, study and meditation. We have a large dining room with a robust kitchen and a wonderful chef that focuses on serving clean, whole foods. Resident rooms are semi-private and comfortable. The decor is warm and inviting. Each room has a desk for our clients to use as they focus on homework and step work. There are numerous reading, study and relaxation areas as well as a game and media room.

Over 25,000 square feet

Comfortable semi-private rooms each with a beautiful bathroom

Separate meeting area for clinical staff


Large gymnasium

Indoor swimming pool complete with a sun deck

Full workout room with numerous weight machines, treadmills and separate yoga and aerobics studio