Rehabilitation for Women with 12 Steps

Therápia is a 12 steps based alcohol and drug rehabilitation for women program. Our program is designed to treat all aspects of substance abuse including dependency on:

Our staff is particularly equipped to help you through your addiction recovery, offering an aggressive taper down from opiates using Suboxone.

We provide assessment services for each client at no cost. A thorough bio-psycho-social assessment is completed prior to intake. Accurate initial assessments are vital to determining each individual’s level of addiction and desire for sobriety.

We are trained to deal with dual diagnosis and co-occurring situations, including mood and personality disorders. Many times a mental health issue has been masked by substance abuse. Our therapists and clinicians are strongly qualified to identify co-occurring disorders and to create individualized treatment plans.

We provide 20-30 hours of group therapy and weekly individual treatment sessions. We include appropriate family treatment because the disease of addiction doesn’t just affect the addict. We also offer experiential therapy activities such as hiking, service work and equine therapy to assist in the client’s treatment program. Experiential therapy activities are an important part of modifying lifestyle behavior and are designed to allow each client to participate regardless of their physical fitness. Therápia is committed to providing each client with the clinical and experiential therapy necessary to promote healing and recovery through an atmosphere of love, support and respect.

There is a connection between the body, the mind and the spirit. Therápia incorporates a customized long-term nutritional and physical fitness plan for each client. This plan will help them during their stay with us and as they move on to a sober and healthy life. Our staff includes a professional chef, licensed nutritionist and physical trainer who collaborate to ensure that our clients learn how to live a healthy lifestyle through nutrition and physical fitness.

  •    Codependency
  •    Family dynamics
  •    Intensive family workshops and therapy
  •    Sunday afternoons are reserved for family time where appropriate

  •    Education and food planning from a licensed nutritional therapist