Addiction Healing & Rehab for Men

Therápia provides a gender-specific therapeutic program for men who are struggling with addiction. Because addiction affects men differently, it has been our experience that a gender-specific substance abuse treatment program provides the appropriate setting for rehab for men to deal directly with their substance abuse issues. It is important that distractions are removed so that each client can work through each of the 12 steps and get to a strong level of sobriety.

Building for Utah Addiction, Drug and Alcohol Recovery

Our therapeutic community provides a safe, healing environment for our clients. Getting to the core of each client’s issues is vital to their sobriety. We believe that there are gender-specific issues and we provide gender-specific solutions. We are one of the top substance abuse treatment centers providing specific drug treatment for men in a male-only program.

Therápia is located in Saint George and is the top Utah addiction healing center. It is a great option for rehab for men, including drug and alcohol recovery.

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