Therápia Addiction Healing Center offers a Family Program that is designed to help family members learn about the disease of addiction and begin on their own path to emotional healing.  We work with family members while their loved one is in treatment and continuing care.  Our focus is to help family members better understand the various elements of addiction.  The topics that will be covered include but are not limited to family systems, chemical dependency, codependency, the disease model, and the 12 Steps.

Family addiction recovery groups are held every Wednesday night and the session goes from 6pm to 8pm.

Our philosophy and approach is consistent with the Al-Anon program’s explanation of codependency and addict family support systems.  The Al-Anon Family Groups have a proven track record for helping families deal with the challenges of substance abuse and codependency. Family members are required to attend at least one Al-Anon meeting a week, obtain a sponsor in the program and work the 12 steps on codependency

We offer a family education program that allows family members to explore their own emotional lives and better understand what their loved one is going through in treatment.  This education and increased emotional awareness provides family members with tools to assist in their own recovery process as well as support their loved one.  Our focus is on helping the individual and the families to begin the process of healing.

It is important for the client and his/her primary counselor to collaborate about their family situation.  Once that collaboration has taken place, we invite family members to attend.

Family members participate in our family program at no additional charge.

2-Day Family Workshop

As part of our family education program, we offer a 2-day Family Workshop where we bring the families together to participate in their own treatment process.

Our Family Workshop begins with an introduction and orientation.  Our staff and the participants introduce themselves and begin the process of getting to know each other.  We explain the schedule and topics that will be covered and answer any questions.  We discuss the hopes and fears that participants may have concerning the workshop.

The topics covered during this first day include but are not limited to discussions and groups about the disease model and codependency.  We talk about changing the culture in the home, spirituality versus religiosity and the concept of light being more important than dark.

We conclude the first day with a recap of what has been covered and an assignment that will be covered on the second day.

On Day 2 of our Family Workshop, we review the overnight assignment and then begin with a group about the 12 Steps.  Some people are familiar with the 12 Steps but we present not just a global view of the 12 Steps, but we discuss them in detail and relate why and how we use them in treatment.

We also discuss Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome (PAWS) and what families can expect during the first year their loved one is in Recovery.  PAWS is the cause of most relapse in early recovery.  Recovery causes a great deal of stress. Many addicts and alcoholics never learn to manage stress without alcohol or drug use and their ability to deal with it depends on their willingness to take care of themselves and maintain a healthy physical, emotional and spiritual lifestyle.

Part of Day 2 includes exploration of family systems and roles and often includes experiential exercises that enable a deeper exploration of these topics through physical experiences.  We also focus on problem-solving, personal responsibility and self-care.

We conclude Day 2 with a wrap up and overall evaluation of the experience.  It is our hope that all of the family members that participate in our workshop leave with the tools and education that will help them individually and as a family move toward a more integrated and healthy way of dealing with life.

Families can be healed.  Call now 1.855.652.4325.