Tips for recovery resolutions

31 Jan Tips for Recovery Resolutions

The start of a new year is a terrific time to begin to think about changes you want to make in your own life. The very concept of starting a new year can be a powerful, symbolic force to a lot of people, and those suffering from addiction are no exception. Now, we wouldn’t purport to know what resolutions to tell you to strive toward to succeed in your recovery. Each person’s struggle with addiction is different, and will require a different, personal approach. However, there are certainly tips that should be taken to heart when it comes to making your resolutions. These little things to remember can help make your resolutions more attainable, and put you on a more stable path towards recovery. Here’s some tips to remember when making your recovery resolutions…

Be specific, not general

Remember to be very specific about what goals you want to accomplish. Being too general about your resolutions can make them exceedingly broad. At this point, you risk letting yourself deviate from the path that you initially wanted to follow because you had strayed from your initial idea. Be specific about your resolutions to the point that it doesn’t leave much room for interpretation. Even if this means looking back and realizing that you didn’t quite meet your specific goal, it is much better to know that and continue working towards it than to let it be replaced by something more general, and less helpful.

Make it tangible

Along with being specific about your goal, you also want to make sure that it is something that is inherently tangible. Again, this goes back to making broad resolutions for your recovery. If you are too general and ideological, then it becomes hard to measure exactly how far you are coming along with your progress. Pick resolutions that can be easily recorded. This also helps in the recovery process, since it gives you something very real to gauge on how well you are doing in recovery, and how far left you still have to go.

Don’t stretch your goals

Remember that recovery is an ongoing process. It is not something that happen all at once and you are cured of in a day. Recovery is a journey. Putting too many high-reaching objectives into a single year can be quite stressful, and even counter-effective. Beating yourself up over not reaching goals that were exceptionally difficult will have an adverse effect on your recovery. Don’t beat yourself up over strict resolutions. Instead, remember that you need to be working towards something over time, and continue to make steps in that direction.

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