Equine therapy is a newer form of therapeutic intervention in which horses are used to help clients gain self-understanding and emotional growth. Equine therapy recognizes the bond between animals and humans and the potential for emotional healing that can occur when a relationship is formed between them.

Therapia's equine therapy is co-facilitated by Mike and Ally Keenan – owners of Stable Environment Equine Therapy. Mike and Ally Keenan are both licensed substance use disorder counselors in addition to being certified as equine specialist through the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association (EAGALA).  Mike and Ally bring a vast array of knowledge, experience, and passion to their role in working with clients to create a safe and stable environment for growth and healing.

EAGALA is the leading international nonprofit association for professionals using equine therapy to address mental health and human development needs. Most often, equine activities are performed on the ground and include grooming, feeding, haltering and leading the horse.

As the client participates in these activities, the therapist engages them in processing feelings, behaviors and patterns. As the clients work with the horse and the therapist, they begin to build skills that include self-confidence, personal responsibility, non-verbal communication, assertiveness and self-control.

Much can be learned from interacting with horses. Horses mirror moods and respond negatively to negative emotions. The client needs to learn that his/her behavior can affect others and that by modifying their behavior they can learn to work successfully with the horse.

In the process of describing the horse and the interactions between the horses, clients can learn about themselves and their own family dynamics. Equine therapy can be an effective short-term approach to identifying and addressing some of the core issues that lead to substance abuse.

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