Addiction is a destructive force that transcends culture, wealth, and social status. At Therapia, we take a holistic approach to healing and treatment which also transcends these barriers. By balancing the mind, body and spirit we assist individuals in their struggle against a very terrible affliction. Our unique philosophy is based on the traditional 12-step recovery program and uses these principles to emphasize the effectiveness of our all-encompassing approach to recovery.

The First Step: Admittance

As with many things, the first step can be the most difficult. In our residential program, patients will be making many first strides simultaneously, which can help to alleviate some of the pressures from taking the first step against addiction. By relocating to our residential facility, an individual makes a physical commitment to recovery. By making the decision to participate in our program, an individual makes a spiritual commitment in faith. It is our hope that these commitments will make it easier to take the first mental stride in recovery by admitting that addiction is a serious problem.

Strength of the Spirit

At Therapia, we know that an all-encompassing approach to healing is the most successful approach to healing. In addition to the clinical data which supports this theory, we’ve also seen and experienced this evidence first hand. We believe that there is a higher power which helps everyone in time of need. Our goal is to assist others in developing this relationship, we aren’t focused so much on telling people what their relationship with this higher power has to be. It is our hope that the leap of faith which it takes to commit to a recovery program can be fostered into a strong spiritual relationship with a higher power that grants strength in the struggle against addiction.

Experienced Mentors, Professional Counselors

Our program includes a free “bio-psycho-social” assessment which first establishes whether or not our program is a good fit for an individual. If our program seems like a good match, we take the medically necessary steps and then place the individual in our residential facilities with others who are further along in the healing process. Those who are further along in the program are able to assist others with the difficulties they’ve already faced. In serving others and creating new relationships based on positive goals, individuals are also helping themselves.

Understanding the Past

The destructive nature of addiction can reach far beyond the individuals who suffer from addiction itself. The blinding grip of this terrible disease can cause even the best of people to participate in or perform acts that they would otherwise be ashamed of. During recovery, individuals must learn to face the actions of their past without the shroud of addiction, which can be very difficult. Under the counseling of professionals and the guiding hand of others that have direct knowledge of similar experiences, Therapia seeks to help smooth some of the difficulties associated with this important step.

Reconciliation and Moving Forward

Recovery can’t erase the past. However, it does create a stable foundation for the future. Sometimes it is possible to reach out and make amends with our past, but this isn’t always the case. Sometimes it is best to continue moving forward into the future even if it is “possible” to make an attempt at reconciling the past with someone. That is why it is important for individuals in recovery to receive counsel and advice from our counselors and their mentors in the program.

Coming Full Circle

As individuals progress through our recovery program, they will themselves become mentors to others just beginning on their journey to recovery. As they heal, they themselves will become healers and this relationship helps everyone to progress more completely. In this stage, the physical, mental and spiritual paths of healing come together and are utilized together in order to help others achieve the same enlightenment. If you or a loved one is suffering, please don’t hesitate to contact us right away. We are available 24 hours and are waiting to assist anyone affected by the terrible curse that is addiction. While we are located in St. George, Utah, we encourage anyone who might be struggling to contact us. At the least, we can get you in touch with someone who can help you. For more information about us or our facilities, please continue to browse our site or contact us at the link above.