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22 Nov The Teen Drug Scene Part 4

‘The Teen Drug Scene’ is a 4 part series of articles that examines the particular dangers that teenagers face in the postmodern world, as it pertains to drug abuse and social pressures. Using facts and sociological examination, this series will focus on the different factors of the digital age that are adding to teenage drug abuse, such as social media, family life, and simply the pains of growing up. As well as the bad, though, this series will explore the ways that we can help guide young adults through growing up in the digital age in healthy and substantive ways.

Signs that your teen may be using drugs

If you are worried that your teenager has been using drugs, there are certain signs that you can look out for to help you determine whether you need to talk to them. There are several physical signs that can be attributed to drug abuse, such as sudden bouts of weight loss or gain, a continuous runny nose, and non-stop coughing without any other signs of sickness. However, many of the signs of drug abuse are actually attributed to behavior, such as a sudden change in the quality of their schoolwork, frequent absences from class and school, sudden changes in their friend circle, and even ones as severe as stealing. While these don’t necessarily mean that your child is using drugs, it can certainly point to the possibility. The best way to deal with this is to simply maintain a relationship of trust with your child, so that they feel open to communicate with you, and you with them.

Most pressure still comes from home

Although social media and influences at school can have a profound impact on a teenager’s behavior, the sad truth is that the greatest motivator to use drugs is often within their home. Most teenagers are introduced to drugs or alcohol through a close family member, and oftentimes even a parent. When the role models in a child’s life begin to push them towards an illicit substance, it can be hard to have the foundation to say no to this type of behavior.

The digital age also makes it easier to get help

Although social media and the internet have opened up many possibilities for a teenager to get information about drugs and find them, themselves, these are merely tools that can be used for good and bad. The internet has also made it much easier for addicts and their loved ones to find help and useful information to fight addiction, no matter how unique their situation is.

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