A depressed teen drinks and does drug.

01 Nov The Teen Drug Scene Part 1

As a parent, it’s not hard to worry about your children in a world that moves faster and faster, every single day. These worries only begin to strengthen when your child reaches those ever-so malleable years between childhood and adulthood once they become teenagers. Human beings are incredibly social creatures, and teenagers are discovering how they fit into the social fabric of society. This makes them incredibly susceptible to many outside influences, no matter how smart and steady of a child they are. Because of this, drug abuse has always been a problem for the budding adults of society, due to the nature of peer pressure. With this in mind, parents need to be highly aware of the shifting challenges that exist for their teenagers today. Here is some information on the drug and social scene that our kids struggle with in their teenage years…

Nearly all teens use social media

We live in a digital world, now, and the youngest generation is heavily defined, in their day to day lives, by their online existence. According to several studies, over 90% of teenagers use social media every single day. Kids these days are connected to the internet all the time, and while this means that all the information of the world is at their fingertips, it also means that they are susceptible to all of the influences that rest in the online world. To understand the drug scene that teenagers face, today, you cannot separate social media from the equation, as it is integral to the way that they view the world.

The birth of digital peer pressure

Social media has given birth to a new era of peer pressure: the digital one. While the social scene of teenagers from back in the day was largely perpetuated by social environments, such as school, the truth today is teenagers can feel social pressure anywhere, thanks to the online world. While this type of peer pressure is not necessarily as direct as it is in person, it is certainly more widespread. Approximately 3-in-4 teenagers say that seeing pictures and videos on social media of drinking, partying, and marijuana use makes them want to experiment with those substances. This is a powerful influence that can greatly affect the a teenager whose mind is still developing. Because of this, teens who use social media are shown to be almost 400% more likely to start drinking as a minor.

Continued in Part 2.

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