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15 Mar The Hardest Drugs to Stop Using

Addiction is a difficult challenge to overcome in even the lightest of substances (not that any illicit substances should be treated lightly). However, it can be an absolute nightmare to kick a drug that is particularly addictive in its nature. There are many different factors that go into how addictive a drug can be. Sometimes the chemical makeup of a certain substance makes it more addictive, while other times the social nature of a drug will make quitting extremely inconvenient in the short term, even if it is much better in the long term. Here are some of the hardest substances to kick…


Heroin is, hands down, the most addictive substance of all drugs that can be regularly purchased on the streets. It is one of the most horrific evils that faces the entire planet, and can be an absolute nightmare to stop using. Going cold turkey on heroin is one of the most trying experiences that many people can face. Not only will the withdrawals cause intense cravings for the drug (which will always exist, somewhat), but they will also cause your body to go through intense pain. Your digestive tract will begin to give you the runs, and the headaches will be fierce. However, the worst part about it will be the intense depression takes over your mind during the whole ordeal. Many people who have tried this have noted suicidal thoughts, and a strong lack of sleep.

Cocaine (and crack cocaine)

Besides heroin, one of the most addictive substances in the United States is cocaine. While this includes powder cocaine, the addictive properties of processed crack cocaine are far worse. The inhalation of crack cocaine generates a far stronger high for a shorter period of time, meaning that people use more of it than traditional powder cocaine. While the chemical makeup of crack cocaine is similar to powder cocaine, it is also a good deal more dangerous, and tends to cause more overdoses. However, one big reason that it is far harder to quit cocaine is that it tends to be a social drug that is enjoyed by multiple people, as opposed to heroin, which is a more solitary experience.

Crystal meth

The addictive qualities of meth lie in the effect that it has on your brain. It is one of the most powerful substances, in terms of the physical addiction it causes, perhaps only seconded by heroin. Meth accomplishes this by teaching your brain not only to think that it needs meth, but by consistently making it thinks it needs more meth than it has previously had. This fact makes it hard for addicts to give up using crystal meth.

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