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15 Jan The Benefits of Destination Rehab Part 2

Addiction is a mental disease that has affected the lives of millions of Americans, and many more people around the world. Because of this, it is imperative to fight this disease and help so many people reclaim their lives. There is no one single best way to approach addiction recovery that will work for everyone. The road to total recovery is a very personal one, and each person will find that their journey and treatment will need to be unique. However, strategy for recovery that has worked for many people is to leave their homes and head somewhere else for their treatment. This is called destination rehab, and there are many benefits for undergoing it…

Get away from other life commitments

Life is full of many obligations that take up our time. Many people struggle finding a balance that allows them to fulfill their commitments to their work, their families, and simply themselves. However, addiction gets in the way of these commitments, and can make different aspects of your life begin to fall down. When you try to balance all of this with the added stresses of addiction recovery, it can be downright challenging. Destination rehab allows addicts to get the time they need away from their other life obligations, so that they can find themselves and the courage to continue their path of recovery.

Destination rehab brings you closer to nature

At Therapia, we believe in the 12 step model of addiction recovery, and one crucial aspect of this model is the acceptance in a power that is higher than ourselves. Although many people find this higher power through religion, there are many people who look for something else. However, religious or not, one way to find ourselves accepting something larger than ourselves is to embrace the overwhelming connection that we have with nature. Most destination rehab programs are designed to be in seclusion from other parts of society, and take place in natural environments, such as deserts, forests, beaches, and mountains.

Enjoy privacy and search within

Addiction treatment, as a medical endeavor, is rooted in confidentiality. Destination rehab presents a more private environment to undergo the initial steps towards recovery that an addict must take. Oftentimes, this privacy helps addicts have a more person journey in their recovery process.

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