At Therápia Addiction Healing Center, our mission is to help people recover from addictions by developing and maintaining healthy, meaningful relationships with God, self and others. We are honored to share with you the stories of those who have completed our program and are successfully living in recovery.

“[At Therapia] I got close to my Heavenly Father again and know I have an important purpose here on earth. [I enjoyed] Bonding with my sisters and staff here and finding out who I really am and to stand in my truth… it is a very good program and you learn so much about yourself.”

Tawni F.

“I am a 39 year old man who had lost everything that mattered in life – wives, children, a lucrative business, family and friends. I had given up on life and had decided I was a hopeless case. After trying to end it all one night I decided I needed help or I was going to die or end up in jail for a very long time. I luckily found Therápia. I had been to 3 rehabs already and spent time in jail but nothing seemed to work for me. After attending the 90 day in house program and completing their outpatient program I can say that I am sober today and happier today than I thought I would ever be. The last 9 months of my life have been incredible and I am amazed at the strength I have found. The staff and counselors at Therápia helped me to find my inner worth and figure out what were the reasons I had continuously turned to alcohol and drugs to self medicate for the past 22 years of my life. If you are looking for a rehabilitation facility that cares and will work with you to help you find yourself then this is the place for you. Thank you Therápia for all you have done for me and for the new life I have been granted through following the steps of your program.”

Ryan M.

“I started using drugs & alcohol when I was seventeen.  It all started with alcohol and marijuana on the weekends.  By age eighteen I had moved on to pain pills, shortly after I was a full blown heroin addict.  I knew I needed to stop and could see my life going down the drain. Scholarships to college where lost, relationships ended in a mess, I couldn’t save any money, I was in and out of jail and even overdosing. The drugs had a serious hold on me.  I tried cutting down and weaning myself off but would always find myself right back on heroin within a few days or weeks. So I had an opiate blocker implanted in my arm to stop me from getting high off the heroin. Well this didn’t work either I just switched to alcohol, meth and cocaine. Then every time my opiate blocker wore off I was getting high on heroin the next day.  This went on and on for years. At age 25 I had a son and thought for sure I would be able to quit for him. But it really didn’t change anything.  I couldn’t manage my life, I couldn’t take care of my son, and I couldn’t pass a drug test for the life of me.  The state stepped in and said either seek treatment or lose your son.  And that’s when I found the wonderful program of Therápia.  I thought for sure I was going to be screamed at and rubbed in the dirt and shown how worthless I really was.  I was really glad to find out that this program was about turning the light on inside of us, getting out of the darkness and misery of addiction and really digging deep and seeing our true potential.  Everything in my life was about to change.  The approach is about changing your whole lifestyle. I loved the fact that they had a gym and I was able to work out and get in better shape and build some self confidence. And to go along with that the chefs were great.  It was a relief to start eating healthy again and feel and see the changes in my body and my health.  The daily groups were awesome – the one in the morning we would really get into the issues of why we would use and any struggles we were dealing with.  We all were starting to feel feelings again and were learning how to deal with fear, anger, and hurt.  We learned that we will always make mistakes but it’s what we can learn from them so we don’t continue to make the same mistakes over and over. We learned how to hold ourselves accountable for the things we do and have done.  In these groups I developed relationships with men that will last a lifetime; we grew so close we call ourselves brothers.  In the second group we would work on the 12 steps.  I love how this program is a 12 step program; it has allowed me to let God back in my life. And to get relief from all the shameful things I had done.  Another thing that was really cool for me was getting out of the house weekly and getting to serve others in the community. How rewarding it was to be able to give back after all the years of taking.  Weekly we would go on hikes to peaceful places where we could really think and meditate. That was one of my favorite things – to get out and be in God’s country.  Prayer and meditation were a very important part of my recovery at Therápia. Between the wonderful meetings with the staff, and through step work and prayer I now today have a sense of purpose in my life. I feel joy on a daily basis; I connect with my Higher Power daily. I am finally able to take care of my son. And I now love who I am.  I have seen more growth in multiple areas of my life in these past few months than I had in the past eleven years.  I am so grateful for this program. It is a true miracle what this program has done for me.  Thanks so much, I love you all.”

Brady M.

“I had come to a place of complete darkness and hopelessness in my life – if I had waited any longer to get help I don’t think I would be alive today. The transformation I made in those two months is truly astonishing to me. With the help of the staff and other clients I was able to completely change my life. I learned tools and took steps that continue to keep me clean and sober today. I will always be grateful to Addiction Recovery Group for saving my life and guiding me to a life of freedom.”

Randy S.

“First, I wanted to thank you for all you have done for Jeff, our family, and the amazing Band of Brothers. In 20+ years, I don’t think I’ve met a person who could get through to Jeff the way that you have. Yes, you had a captive (no pun intended) audience with him, but, per his own words, ‘If it hadn’t been Davee, I don’t know if I could have stayed.”

Teri-Lisa S.

“Just thinking of you tonight with great love in my heart. You were the right person for Matt and for us as well. Your ‘therapy’ with us has been spot on and really appreciated and listened to. Thanks so much for being you.”

Jan N.

“Therapia for Women saved my life. I walked into those doors scared, addicted, and ready to end my life. I had lost everything due to my addiction and it was only a matter of days before my time was up. I think depression and suicide was my main concern and that was a result of my addiction. I did everything I could to do make it on my own, alone with my addiction. At Therapia I began to realize that there are other people who have struggled like me that have survived and have a happy life. There are ways to overcome the dark dreary life of addiction. There is no way out unless you surrender to doing the work and being completely honest with yourself. It was here that I learned about the Twelve Steps and became aware that this is bigger than me and I cannot do it alone anymore. In the safe environment at Therapia, I became acquainted with a whole new me. I learned things about myself I would never thought possible. I worked through serious core issues that were the root to my self destruction. I had been in counseling a long time but here they had some of the best counselors in the country which was really effective in my recovery. I am now 8 months sober and am the happiest I have ever been. Therapia helped me set up a support group so once I got out of rehab I had strong, positive influences to help me in my new life. I now have a great job, am saving money, and am going back to school for my Biology degree. It is possible to start over. You are going to know a new happiness and a new freedom. You just need to be willing.”