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22 Apr How Spirituality Builds a Foundation for Recovery

When it comes to facing the battle of addiction, few programs have had the same level of success that the 12-step program has been able to experience. A large part of this is because a huge portion of the 12-step program centers around the concept of spirituality, which is a crucial element of building towards a solid recovery. It is important to note that there is a distinction between religion and spirituality, as a religion represents a very specific set of guidelines and beliefs. Spirituality, however, is regarded as a more personal way of alleviating the self-centeredness of our lives. It is a way to accept that we are in the hands of a higher power (even if a person doesn’t believe in God; atheists must accept spirituality, as well). Here is some information about how spirituality builds a foundation for recovery…

Addiction becomes the center of an addict’s world

The most challenging part of fighting addiction is that the center of an addict’s universe is built around their addiction. The most life-affirming part of their existence becomes the act of using. Addiction isn’t just a surface problem. Addiction changes the very foundation that an individual uses to grow and develop as a person. This very foundation that helps us become better people can be described as an incredibly important part of spirituality, but addiction causes this spirituality to hollow out. This has a tangibly negative effect on our personal relationships with others, as well as ourselves.

Spirituality takes the pressure off of the person

When an addict acknowledges that there are forces beyond their control in life, they put their journeys into the hand of a power that is greater than themselves. This helps alleviate the great pressure that addiction puts upon a person. Addiction has the ability to make an addict feel powerless in their situation, and like they are alone in this struggle that they cannot win. However, by taking this pressure off of the individual, it becomes much easier to see a bigger picture, and take steps towards acknowledging that a person needs help.

Spirituality builds community around those who struggle

While there is a distinction between religion and spirituality, both of them share the ability to build strong communities. These communities can be an incredible asset in the life of an addict, who needs a strong network to help them work towards a sustainable recovery. When the selflessness that spirituality allots a person is in charge of their life, then it becomes easier to make the connections that build a community in a person’s life.

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