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23 Jan Resolutions: Being Present

When the new year begins, there are all sorts of dreams that we hope to attain for ourselves in the coming months. However, sometimes the best way to accomplish those goals is to make an inherent change in ourselves. Such simple traits of personal growth can radically change the way we impact the world, and thusly, our place in it. So this year, as it pertains to addiction recovery, why not try to make the simple goal of being more “present”. Here’s some ways that you can do this and become a more well-rounded person who is fulfilled within yourself.

Be aware of others

One of the most important elements of being present is being able to let go of self introspection that is strangling your connection with the world around you. Instead of always being wrapped up inside of yourself, take moments of your life where you try to simply be aware of others around you. Think about their presence and their moods. Take what they think about situations into consideration when events are unfolding. This simple exercise of empathy can help you to read other the emotions of other people, which lets you better connect with those around you. This is an essential tool for addiction recovery, as we need this connection in order to seek help from those who love us.

Don’t escape

To be present means to accept the world around you and be a part of it. The alternative that many people have found throughout time, and especially in our modern world, is to find some form of personal escape. While everyone needs a break every now and then, an escape can build dependency. This type of dependency can begin to separate people from their own emotions and things in life that they need to confront and deal with. While these escapes can be as simple and seemingly innocent as watching too much TV, they can also be as destructive and unhealthy as drug addiction. Because that what the effects of illicit substances are: an escape. They provide false feelings that can seem euphoric in the moment, but are not foundational for us as people. Those feelings fade, and only damage is left behind.

Add perspective

Being present and in the moment like this can present you with opportunities in life that you may not have even realized were there. This is because in being present, you have opened your mind to the greater world around you. This adds perspective to life, which builds you as a person and makes you more well-rounded for the road of everything that lies ahead.

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