09 Jan Real Living

Be with me, soul, live with me, know me, stay with me, invite me along your path of vision. Let me enjoy you and you enjoy me. We are one, you and I, like friends at the beach, like lovers in a glen, like a father and a child walking hand-in-hand, like a mother with her baby at her breast. Let me be with you. Let me wander through your thoughts and down the byways of your being. Let me breathe your breath and carry you securely within my heart, so that I will be alone no longer. Life without you is not life. Living outside of your presence is to be lost in a sea of ideas and objects, forms and shapes, without you there to give them meaning.

Let me be with soul.

"There is no reality except the one contained within us.
This is why so many people lead such an unreal life.
They take the images outside them for reality and never
 allow the world within to assert itself."

-Herman Hesse

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