03 Sep Post-Rehab To-Do List

When we’ve completed a residential stay in a rehab center, or an intensive outpatient program, and it’s time to dive back into our home life, there are a few items of business we need to take care of. The intense treatment we’ve just received has given us a burst of strength to hit the ground running, but we’ll have to go about our new lives in the right way in order to maintain our momentum. We need to set our home lives up to foster our success by placing the following items at the top of our to-do lists at home.

Evaluate Our Support System

Who we choose to spend our time with is just as important as how we choose to spend our time. Many of our friends or family members may still be using drugs or alcohol, and spending time with them while they’re using puts us at a huge risk for relapse. Making some sober friends, and finding things to do that don’t involve substance abuse need to be at the top of our to-do list. Your friends and family will probably be very supportive, and willing to leave alcohol and drugs out of the picture, but if they’re not, you’ll need to put some distance between you.

Make Big Changes Now

Returning to the same situations that we were engaging in addictive behaviors in before rehab can trigger strong cravings that can be almost impossible to resist. You may find that your neighborhood, your old hangout spots, and even your place of work are not places where you can stand strongly against your addiction. If this is the case, make the big changes now to get yourself set up in a safe life. Move to a new neighborhood, find new interests and hobbies, and switch jobs if that’s what it takes to maintain your recovery. There’s nothing more important than staying sober and taking care of yourself right now.

Establish Your Aftercare Routine

Support groups, follow up counseling, and individual therapy need to be a big part of our life for the foreseeable future, so work your schedule right out of rehab around meeting these needs. Find a 12-step group in your area and get involved right away. Participate in the 90 meetings in 90 days goal to get yourself on the right track. Find ways to help others and give back as you participate in aftercare, since this will strengthen your recovery and help to keep you safe at home.

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