15 May Making Peace to Empower Recovery

A woman stands by a tree and watches the sunriseAddiction is a battle that can tear up the soul of a person, as it creates a torrent of internal struggle that breeds further conflict in life. This is no way to live. Luckily, although addiction can be a difficult monster to face, it doesn’t mean that it has to control our lives. The road to recovery is one with many obstacles, each of which will require a tremendous amount of personal growth. However, the most important of these steps is the process through which we are able to find peace within ourselves. This is the foundation through which all other growth can be accomplished, but it is one that is difficult to lay. Here is some advice on how to make peace to empower your recovery…


Accept past faults


The first step to calming the storm in your soul is to admit that it is there. We need to address the fact that there is a momentous problem in our lives, and it is likely caused by addiction. Although there are multiple people in life to confront about faults in your life, the first person that you need to be able to face is yourself. Acknowledging your faults can allow you to face them, head on, and can put you in a position to correct yourself by stepping out of the moment. This is an incredibly important aspect of making peace within yourself, and one that must come before all others.


Admit your problems to your loved ones


After you have acknowledged your faults to yourself, you need to pick up the pieces in the relationships of those who love you. Admitting these problems to your loved ones, and showing them that you are intent on growing and beating this battle is a huge step towards doing this. Whether or not you’ve had tumultuous moments with your family and friends in the past, due to this fight with addiction, the people who love you will want you to get better, and can be a great support network to help you in your journey.


Reach out to a higher power


Oftentimes, the problems that we have as people can seem huge when we are living inside of them. This is especially true of addiction. This is why reaching out to a higher power is such a common step of most recovery programs. It doesn’t even need to be a religious thing. Just acknowledging that our problems are small in the scope of the world can show us how surmountable they really are.

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