Men, women, and their families experience tremendous pain and suffering due to the struggles they face from substance abuse and its co-occurring mental health challenges. They need to find a safe place for peace and healing. Therápia Addiction Healing Center was born out of a deep desire to provide that safe and powerful healing environment.

What is Therápia?

Therápia (thār′ă-pē′ă) is a Greek word for healing. The ancient Greek key symbol found in our logo represents unity, consistency, and infinity. Traditionally, classical Greek medicine was holistic – it viewed the mind and body as one.  At Therápia Addiction Healing Center, we have developed a holistic healing approach to treating addiction that is designed to bring into balance the mind, body and spirit.

Our mission:

“Therápia exists to help people recover from addictions by developing and maintaining healthy, meaningful relationships with God, self and others.”

About Our Founders

Rainbow for Las Vegas Addiction Recovery
The founders of Therápia possess well over 100 years of combined personal and professional experience in the addiction healing process. They have committed themselves to providing the very best program, facility, personnel, and environment for the recovery and healing of the soul. Meet our team.

About Our Program

Utah addiction recovery
Our program is designed to cultivate mental strength, physical health, and spiritual balance. We have developed gender-specific programs for men and women based in the twelve steps that will help our clients and their families get to their core issues so that the healing process can begin. We also offer a Lifetime Contract to our clients who complete both the residential and Continuing Care programs.

In addition to the strength of our program, we have found a beautiful, peaceful location in the heart of Utah’s Red Rock country. This region is known for breathtaking scenery and natural healing power.  This setting is perfect for the experiential therapy that we provide.

We are honored to begin this journey with you and your loved ones. We are ready to help you find your way from darkness into the light.