At Therapia Addiction Healing Center, we are committed to the sobriety of our clients.  As part of our program, we offer a Lifetime Guarantee.   After completion of our entire program – 90 days of residential and 90 days of Continuing Care – each client has a Lifetime Guarantee with us. If a client has a relapse and is struggling with a substance abuse challenge after they leave treatment, we provide a free assessment to determine what level of care they need.  If they asses to our level of care and if they have a desire to get sober they can return to our facility and participate in our entire program again at no additional charge.

Group RoomA Lifetime Guarantee reflects our commitment to the sobriety of our clients.  Some treatment centers offer a “guarantee” but it comes with additional costs for housing and food. 

We offer our Lifetime Guarantee because we believe strongly in the holistic healing approach to treating addiction.  We believe that our philosophy is designed to bring into balance the mind, body and spirit and is key to true addiction recovery. 

We stand behind our work.

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