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15 Apr Items to Pack for Inpatient Rehab

When getting ready for an extended stay at an inpatient rehabilitation program, there are some things that might seem very obvious to pack. For example, nobody is going to forget to bring clothes, or to pack their toothbrush (usually). In general, most people are going to pack what they would bring on any other sort of extended trip. However, there are a handful of other items that are usually wise to bring, but not always remembered. Here are some items to pack for inpatient rehab…

An alarm clock

It is very important to get onto a consistent schedule when you are undergoing rehabilitation treatment. For this reason, it’s a nice idea to pack your own alarm clock, so that you have your own way to independently keep track of your schedule.

A contact list

It’s important to keep your support system informed of your journey through treatment, whether it be friends, family, AA sponsors, or whomever. Because of this, be sure to bring along a contact list with everyone who you want to stay in touch with’s addresses. Along with this list, bring stamps to send letters.

Prescription medication (with prescription)

If you are taking any sort of prescription medication for any reason, whether it have to do with a substance dependency or some other medical condition, then you are definitely going to want to have that with you during your stay. Be sure that you keep your medication in the original bottle that was prescribed to you. On top of that, it can be a good idea to bring your prescription along for our physicians to see.

Cards or cash for medication

Many patients who stay at our inpatient program are going to need to use different types of medication, during their stay, for a variety of reasons. In order to get this, make sure that you bring along a stash of cash (which you should have for small purchases, anyways) or a card that can pay for medication.

A journal

One of the most powerful tools that you will have during inpatient recovery is your journal. Using a notebook as a collection of your thoughts and a way to work through complicated feelings is an excellent idea. While you might be able to purchase one during your stay, it’s generally recommended that you bring a journal along when you check in.

Identification and insurance

On a highly practical and necessary note, you are going to need to access your insurance cards and have a legal form of identification with you. So make sure that you put those on your checklist of items to bring along!

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