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01 Dec How Addiction Creeps up on You

When many people view addiction, they find it easy to separate themselves from an addict. An addict is a theoretical “other” that is distant from our own lives. However, this is a dangerous mindset, as it ignores the reality of how addiction actually takes over our lives. Addiction is a plague that reaches into every demographic of American society. Trying to only view it from a distance is equal to pretending that it doesn’t exist, at all. The odds are that you probably know someone who is struggling with substance abuse, right now! The truth, though, is that nobody plans on being an addict; absolutely nobody. Yet, the rates of substance abuse continue to grow. Here is how addiction can creep up on you, regardless of whether you intend it to…

Many drugs are used in a casual setting

When people start using illicit substances, it is usually under a setting that one would consider pleasurable, such as a party or a small gathering of close friends. In the beginning, all substances are correlated with having a good time, which makes them seem innocent, enough. After all, who is opposed to simply having a good time? The issue is that there is something far more nefarious lurking around the corner, as the pleasure that is elicited by substance abuse is short-lived, while the negative aspects are much more permanent.

Few people understand the power of addiction

As kids, most people in America were told that drugs were bad and dangerous, in a general sort of way. We were shown pictures of people in dirty rooms with dirty fingers and told that these were the types of people who did drugs. Once again, addicts became a sort of “other.” However, what is rarely conveyed is exactly why people have ended up on this path. Nobody wants to be that other, and yet it happens. This is because few people understand the sheer power that addiction can have over individuals. This is because the truth about addiction is something that is rarely taught: drugs feel amazing. Substances take people to a mental state that delivers pure euphoria, especially harder drugs like heroin. It can be uncomfortable to discuss this fact, and yet it is essential to convey the true danger of addiction. Indeed, most people are seeped in dependency on a particular substance, due to the pleasure it gives them, far before they ever realize it. This is how addiction affects so many lives.

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