22 May Finding Value in Sober Pursuits

A group of girls laugh in their car.During the path to recovery, one challenging obstacle might be finding new ways to spend your time, since a life of substance abuse often consumes this time, and forces you to devote yourself to usage. For many recovering addicts, it can be difficult to accomplish the fulfillment that should be enjoyed in sober pursuits and activities, at least at first. The pleasure that drugs and substance abuse are able to elicit in your nervous system can be something that is hard to replace, especially since your brain has been programmed to desire that particular thing, but it is absolutely imperative that you do so. Here is some information on how to find value in sober pursuits…


Enjoy time with loved ones


Few things are as fulfilling as having a great time with the people we love. Your family and friends are the natural support network that you are going to need by your side as you travel the road to recovery, so why not enjoy that time with them. Finding fun things to do with these people helps reestablish yourself as a person who is separate from your addiction. This builds a foundation for you to be able to say “no” to any further substance abuse, because it helps eliminate the dependence you may have to it.


Realize the value of pursuits that improve yourself


Addiction is a destructive process that can eat away at an individual’s self-worth. This pushes a person further into the trap that addiction sets, because they use these substances as an escape from their low self-esteem. Instead of falling into this self-sustaining cycle, trying to rebuild your self-worth by engaging in pursuits that improve yourself is a goal that is worth pursuing. Finding engaging activities that make you feel better about who you are can build up a sense of self that addiction tries to tear away.


Realize the lack of value in substance-driven activities


There is a reason why so many people end up on a path of addiction and substance abuse. Drugs aren’t an enigma that are terribly difficult to figure out. They make you feel incredible. Many illicit substances are able to release chemicals in your brain that are similar to those released during an orgasm. Naturally, our nervous system finds great pleasure in this. However, it’s important to realize that this is a hollow pleasure; a trojan horse that sneaks into our brains to cause further harm. Trying to understand the inherent destructiveness of substance abuse can help you turn away from it.

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