25 Jun The Financial Cost of Addiction

drugmoneyOne of the reasons that people say they don't want to seek treatment for their drug problems is the cost of the drug rehab program. Rehab does cost money, but many people don’t realize that there are many resources available to help you cover the cost of your treatment. Even if you were paying for treatment out of pocket, your drug addiction will cost you much more than treatment, in terms of life, health, happiness, and money. Just looking at the financial cost of drug addiction is enough to kill a buzz. Below are a few details on some of the costs associated with drug abuse and addiction.

  • Supporting Your Habit: If you buy a six pack of beer that costs $4.40 three times a week, you will spend $12,672 over the course of 20 years. The price goes through the roof when using illicit drugs. Marijuana at $2.89 per day costs $19,440 over 20 years. Heroin at $29.85 per day costs $200,640 over 20 years.
  • Productivity and Potential: Consistent drug abuse will also cost you money in terms of career progress and personal achievement. Your decreased performance will lower productivity at work, making you ineligible for promotions and decreasing your lifelong earning potential. The loss due to missed opportunity is considerable.
  • Added Expenses: Drug addictions often come along with legal problems that will increase your expenses. For instance, one DUI will raise the cost of your insurance premiums for up to 10 years, on top of the legal fines and court costs.
  • Medical Expenses: Long-term and even short-term drug use leads to health problems that will end up costing you later in life. Missing work because you are hung over or because you’re suffering from a more chronic drug related problem will cost you in wages. Illness and injury due to drug use increases medical insurance premiums for your whole family.

It’s impossible to pinpoint exactly how much drug addiction will cost you, especially when you try to factor in things like loss of productivity and potential. You can’t place a monetary value on the life that’s in the balance when addiction comes into play, but you can know for certain that the cost will not be worth it in the end. Even with these conservative numbers, it’s easy to see that supporting an addiction can really add up. Seeking treatment for your drug problem and sticking with recovery will not only free up your wallet, it will free up your whole life.

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