25 Jul Expanding Our Recovery

In the early days of recovery, we don’t have a lot of time to live a well-rounded life. It takes all of our focus just to stay clean, but it won’t always be that way. As we get stronger, we’ll start to feel like branching out and trying new things, but this doesn’t mean we’re ready to leave addiction recovery behind. Instead, we need to find ways to expand our recovery, and to use our broadening horizons to aid in further healing.

Strengthening Our Bodies

When we’re picking up new hobbies and interests, including physical activity is very beneficial to our recovery. A strong body supports a strong mind, and we’ll need both to keep addiction at bay. Physical activity also releases endorphins, which help to keep cravings at bay and improves your attitudes. Studies have shown that spending time outdoors also improves physical and mental health. Including activities like hiking, walking, and swimming in our new lives will strengthen our bodies, and aid in our recovery.

Tapping Into Talents

We’ve all been blessed with a unique set of talents, and we can use our individual strengths to aid in addiction recovery. If you’re musically inclined, playing an instrument or writing music can be a great outlet for stress and anxiety. If you enjoy writing, you can use that as a creative outlet, or as a way to reach out to others through blogging or social media. Joining a sports team or taking an art class are great ways to further develop talents, and to make new friends as well. Continuing our education allows us to expand our talents and gives us more options for the future.

Helping Others

One of the best ways to heal our bodies and minds is by providing service to others.  Participating in a 12-step program gives us opportunities to serve others, and they will increase as we work through the program. We can also find ways to give back within our communities by donating time to shelters or to a soup kitchen. Check with a local church for other service opportunities, and look for ways you could help your family and friends. Serving others will give us something productive to do with our time, and contributes greatly to the healing process. Besides the benefits our service will bring to those we’re helping, it will also improve our own self worth and confidence at a time when we can really use the boost.

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