16 Jan Drug Abuse Statistics

Drug abuse is an ever-increasing problem, as is the disease associated with it, addiction. Each year, more and more people suffer from this disease as a result of drug and alcohol abuse. Children begin using drugs at a younger age and illegal substances are more readily available all the time.

To some, drug abuse may seem like a problem that can’t affect them, but more and more people from all different walks of life are beginning to see the far reaching consequences this problem is having on our lives. In fact, addiction has become so widespread that its effects and methods of prevention are now being studied by epidemiologists who are seeking to understand and change the current trends.

The use of alcohol and/or marijuana by young people is one of the biggest indicators that they will suffer from addiction at some point in their life. Being aware of the statistics surrounding some of the most widely abuse drugs can give a sense of how addiction is spreading. The following were compiled by Michael’s House.

Alcohol. 19% of teenagers between the ages of 12 and 20 reported that they drank to excess at some time in the past month. 60% of adults over the age of 26 reported the same thing.

Marijuana.7% of young people under the age of 18 have admitted to smoking marijuana in the past month. 17% of young adults admitted to smoking it regularly.

Prescription Drugsare one of the fastest growing abused drugs in the country, especially among adolescents. This is partly because they are readily available.

Cocaine.Although illegal drug use is difficult to measure, cocaine use has showed some increase among the 18-25 age group in recent years.

The key to decreasing the numbers of drug abusers is to educate young people on the dangers associated with drugs. Discussing the dangers of drugs and alcohol openly and limiting access to them as much as possible will help to change the current trend of addiction.

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