The 12 Step approach to recovery that we base our program on treats addiction under the perspective that addiction is a disease. This idea is formalized under “The Disease Model of Addiction”. Many professionals explain The Disease Model by the theory described in the “Biological Model of Addiction”. The biological model stipulates that certain individuals have unique genetic predispositions to certain types of substances or addictive behaviors. Exposure to these substances or behaviors can trigger the addiction disease.

The Disease Model

The Disease Model describes addiction as a brain disease. Addiction is said to occur when there are specific changes to an individual’s brain chemistry. In the case of substance abuse, these changes are triggered by a particular substance. While the actual details are complicated, a general summary could be made to say: a substance triggers changes in the reward, relief and motivation centers of the brain. The onset of addiction is marked when these centers have undergone significant alterations and manifest as symptoms of addiction in their behavior. Essentially, when individuals are incapable of avoiding the use (or abuse) of a particular substance for any duration of time.

As the alterations in the brain develop further from continued abuse, so do the notable symptoms. Cravings will be motivated less by the reward of obtaining the substance and motivated more as a necessity to function. However, functioning is relative in these stages, as physical symptoms like tremors or other disease can greatly affect an individuals ability to live a normal lifestyle.

Treating Addiction as a Disease

According to The Disease Model, addiction is a lifelong disease. Which means treatment calls for abstinence. That is, treatment requires lifelong abstinence from whatever chemical an individual may be addicted to. This treatment is not unique to the 12 step model, which is just one of many programs designed to help individuals achieve lifelong abstinence.

Here at Therapia, our experience has coincided with clinical research that has found the 12 Step program to be an effective system for treating addiction. We’ve further applied our experience to add to the 12 Step basis in order to maximize the effectiveness of treatment. Individuals in our care have exhibited amazing success rates after completing our program and returning back to their roles in society.


If you or a loved one is suffering from addiction, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our goal is to help all of those who are struggling with addiction or affected by it. Even if our facilities are not right for you, we have resources, contacts and counselors who may be more suited for your unique situation. Contact Therapia today and start making a positive change for you and your loved ones.