Therápia’s Approach

Therapia’s unique approach to recovery is the result of knowledge which has been carefully derived from experience. First and foremost, our recovery system is based on the 12 Step Program. This is important because the 12 Step Program has proven itself effective in treating many types of addiction. However, we also take things beyond the 12 Step Program by incorporating cutting-edge research into our program. By offering options for therapy to supplement our counseling, medically assisted recovery options, and family services, we’ve created a system that builds on the success of the 12 Step Program.

If It’s Not Broken, Don’t Fix It.

It is important to establish that we haven’t done anything to modify or dismantle the original 12 Step Program. Our program is unique because we’ve built a comprehensive healing system around the 12 Step Program. Our individual counselors, group sessions, experiential therapy events, medically assisted recovery and family services are there to ensure our patients’ success with the 12 Steps. That is, our unique services are purely supplemental and they are not used to modify or replace any of the 12 Steps.

Counseling and Therapy

Individuals in our recovery program have access to individual counseling services to supplement the support they get from their peers in the program and group therapy sessions. We also offer experiential therapy events, where our residents get to experience the wonders of nature and the outdoors. Modern research and our experience with successful recovery has demonstrated that this is an effective formula for recovery. This combination offers unique outlets and challenges that give those in recovery opportunities to both discover themselves and heal. By allowing residents healthy personal outlets, interspersed with positive social interactions and team activities, our program facilitates recovery on all levels of being.

Medically Assisted Recovery

While the 12 Step Program puts a strong emphasis on complete sobriety, we offer medical assisted recovery options for residents who meet certain criteria, like having recently completed detox. Medical history is also an important factor in this decision because certain medication designed for detox assistance can significantly reduce otherwise very serious side effects. For certain residents, we may also offer certain preventative medications as well. Opioid blockers or other medications designed to reduce cravings for certain types of substances can be a huge relief for individuals that experience unusually severe withdrawal symptoms.

Medically assisted recovery is not a long-term treatment process. It is a treatment that is highly effective in very specific circumstances, but it is by no means a replacement for a fully developed recovery system. Therapia works closely with medical professionals to determine what the best treatment options are for particular patients on a case by case basis. We use medically assisted recovery as a stepping stone to our long-term solution, our 12 Step based recovery system.

Family Services

Addiction is a horrible disease that is far reaching. While it is important not to undermine the suffering of individuals that are afflicted with this disease, it is also important to recognize the suffering of those who care about them. The shadowy effects of addiction create waves of pain as friends and family members struggle to cope with an individual that resembles their loved one, but has changed. This struggle puts a lot of strain on relationships and it can be difficult for friends and family to distinguish between the individual they love and the addiction. This is why family counseling services are essential to an individual’s full and lasting recovery. We work to build a community with a full understanding of addiction that can help individuals as they complete the recovery process and return to their normal lives.


To learn more about our advanced recovery system and our commitment to your recovery with our Lifetime Contract, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us. It is part of our larger goals to help anyone we can that is struggling with addiction. If our program isn’t right for you or your family member, we can use our vast network of resources to find a program that does work. Come see why cutting-edge research combined with the solid foundation of the 12 Step Program is so effective. Come and see why Therápia is different.