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05 Mar College Women Consuming More Alcohol

The rates of binge drinking across the country are at chillingly high levels. However, the trend of binge drinking tends to be a lot stronger among young people than it is amongst the old. This makes colleges a specific setting where the act of binge drinking has been thriving in recent years. What’s especially surprising at this level, though, is that the rate of women, in particular, binge drinking on college campuses has risen at a much higher level than men. This mirrors a larger trend of women starting to drink as much, if not more than men. However, it seems a lot more prominent amongst young women…

Shift in consumption levels

A big driving force behind this trend of college women hitting the bottle has been measured throughout the country. Over the past decade, the numbers of college women who have exceeded either a daily or weekly limit of alcohol over the past month has increased to nearly 50%. There are many reasons that this could be happening, as many more women are going to college than in previous generations. Indeed, the numbers of female students greatly outnumbers the amount of male students, lately. There are also social factors with drinking in college that have driven up the numbers.

Exceeding weekly limits, rather than daily ones

The National Institutes of Alcoholic Abuse and Alcoholism has outlined general guidelines that state that women shouldn’t drink more than three drinks in a day, and no more than seven in a week. Meanwhile, those same guidelines state that men should not drink more than four drinks in a day, no more than fourteen in a week. While in the past, a large percentage of binge drinking had to do with people exceeding their daily limit, a huge part of the problem now is that young women are exceeding their weekly limit. This is problematic because alcohol actually stays in the system a lot longer than people think. This means that drinking several drinks between two days will still have a compounded effect on a person.

Part of binge drinking culture

One of the big reasons that this has been happening is due to a large culture of binge drinking that takes place on college campuses. For example, women in the same age group (18-24) tend to drink in smaller numbers, and only about 32.6% ever experienced binge drinking. Again, one of the big reasons behind this probably has to due with social factors. Colleges are a huge collection of young people who are experiencing a large amount of independence for the first time. Culturally, it tends to lend itself to the binge drinking model, at least for now.

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