02 Dec Christmas Gifts for Your Favorite Recovering Addict

Buying a Christmas gift for a recovering addict can be tough, especially their first year sober. The holidays are probably already stressful for your loved one and you want to get them something that will encourage and help them. Recovery also requires a person to change their whole life around and essentially become a new person as they get healthy and clean. You may be at a loss as to what an appropriate gift for your new and improved loved one would be, but we have a few ideas.

Recovery Tools

Many of the gifts you’re selecting for loved ones this year probably have to do with whatever their specific hobbies are. Your grandmother, the gardening enthusiast, would love a pretty pair of gardening gloves. Well, for your loved one who is struggling with addiction, recovery is their new hobby. The tools of this hobby include things like journals and inspirational books. Your loved one may have also taken up new interests like hiking or yoga as part of their recovery process and gifts that support these new interests are a great idea too.

Rest and Relaxation

Recovery is hard work and relaxation and stress relief are important components for success. A gift certificate for a massage, or a day at the spa make great gifts for those in recovery. Different people might find different things relaxing, such as bike riding, reading, or sailing. Gift certificates for activities that help your loved one to unwind, or gear to support their relaxing activities will be much appreciated.

Adrenaline Rush

Studies have shown that one of the personality traits that many addicts have in common is being thrill seekers. Your loved one is making some big changes in recovery, but they’re still the same fun loving person at heart. You can appeal to their adventurous side in a healthy way by engaging them in exciting, drug-free activities. Ride a zip-line, go white water rafting, or find something else exciting to do together. This will satisfy their need for adventure in a productive, supportive way.

Time, Love and Support

The thing that any recovering addict needs the most is the support and love of those closest to them. The best way to show your support is to give the gift of time. Spend some time with your loved one, talking, laughing, and strengthening your connection. The holidays can be a lonely time for many, recovering addicts included, but you can help to relieve these feelings by making some extra time to spend with your loved one as they adjust to their new life.

Ben Harris is a Substance Use Disorder Counselor and began working in substance abuse treatment in 1987. During the past 25 years, he has worked in in-patient, residential, wilderness, intensive out-patient, and out-patient adolescent and adult programs. He has spent the majority of those years in management positions including executive director and national director responsible for the safe and effective operations of several programs. He has also served as president of the Utah Association of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselors and on national committees with NAADAC and ICRC.

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