17 Sep The Choices You CAN Make in Rehab

On one occasion several residents were coming and going, getting ready for a weekend camping trip. Another resident was sitting off to the side with one of the staff members. He was complaining that he doesn’t get to go on the camping trip, or participate in any other activities away from the center until he reaches a specific step in his program. A staff member replied with, “Well, you could just leave.”

The resident thought about that for only a split second before replying, “No way! I really need to stay and finish this.” What a great decision he made! I’m sure that was not the first time he’s made a good decision in his recovery process, and with an attitude like that, it won’t be the last.

Working Within Limits to Re-Establish Freedom

Entering a residential rehab program means entering into a restricted lifestyle. This can make us feel like we don’t have any choices in our life, or in our recovery process. For some people, the structure and support of the center feels like a good match right away, but for others, it can feel very restricting and limiting. Establishing new boundaries is hard, but we just have to keep reminding ourselves that we’re choosing to be here, and that this will be good for us in the long run. Living a more restricted lifestyle now will translate into freedom from addiction in the future.

What You Can Control

Even though it seems like our options are limited during our residential stay, we actually have a lot of choices available to us, and even more open up as we progress in the program. If we’re willing to stay open and work with our therapist and other treatment professionals, we can have a say in what kinds of treatment we participate in. As we communicate our needs, likes, and dislikes, we can have a large degree of influence over our own recovery plan. As we earn more trust and freedom, we can choose what activities to participate in, whom to form bonds with, and even what to do in our free time.

The Choice to Stay Committed

The bottom line is that every day or hour or minute that we decide to stay in rehab, we are exercising our freedom to choose health over insanity. Even though intensive addiction therapy feels restrictive, it is a choice we’re making, and one that will pay off if we can stay committed. Instead of thinking of all the things that we’re missing out on, we need to keep our minds trained on all the possibilities and choices we’re opening ourselves up for in the future.

Author: Chasity Edwards

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