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01 Aug Mental Disorders that Increase Impulsiveness

Addiction is a behavioral disease that thrives on impulsive behavior. Impulsiveness is often the key that drives people towards an initial behavior of substance abuse, and then addiction takes hold and makes it difficult to stop. For this reason, there is a connection between mental disorders that cause impulsiveness and addiction. This particular phenomenon is called dual diagnosis. Because of this, it’s important for people who suffer from these particular mental disorders to be aware of the risks that impulsive behavior comes with, and to address these risks before they end up in a worse situation. Here are some mental disorders that increase impulsive behavior...
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08 Sep Finding Power in Vulnerability

When Brene Brown’s TED talk was released in 2010, her message of wholehearted living struck a chord with millions of people around the world. Speaker, author, and professor Brene Brown has spent years researching shame, courage, and vulnerability. Her research sheds a fascinating light on how we can improve our lives by reversing the fear and shame that holds us back, and instead embracing courage and vulnerability. She teaches people to show up, allow themselves to be seen, and live brave.
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22 May Finding Value in Sober Pursuits

A group of girls laugh in their car.During the path to recovery, one challenging obstacle might be finding new ways to spend your time, since a life of substance abuse often consumes this time, and forces you to devote yourself to usage. For many recovering addicts, it can be difficult to accomplish the fulfillment that should be enjoyed in sober pursuits and activities, at least at first. The pleasure that drugs and substance abuse are able to elicit in your nervous system can be something that is hard to replace, especially since your brain has been programmed to desire that particular thing, but it is absolutely imperative that you do so. Here is some information on how to find value in sober pursuits...
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15 May Making Peace to Empower Recovery

A woman stands by a tree and watches the sunriseAddiction is a battle that can tear up the soul of a person, as it creates a torrent of internal struggle that breeds further conflict in life. This is no way to live. Luckily, although addiction can be a difficult monster to face, it doesn’t mean that it has to control our lives. The road to recovery is one with many obstacles, each of which will require a tremendous amount of personal growth. However, the most important of these steps is the process through which we are able to find peace within ourselves. This is the foundation through which all other growth can be accomplished, but it is one that is difficult to lay. Here is some advice on how to make peace to empower your recovery...
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