An orange and blue zebrafish

10 Sep How Zebrafish Help Us Study Addiction

In order to face the spread of addiction and combat the growing epidemic that has ravaged through a multitude of different states, there is nothing more important than the continuation of research towards how addiction affects the body and mind. Through research projects that continue to delve into this topic and further our understanding, we can then begin to develop ways to lessen the effects that it has on so many people. Here is some interesting information about a recent study on zebrafish that was conducted by the University of Utah that is opening the ways that we can study addiction...
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A blackboard is covered with opioid topics

01 Sep Trump Declares a National Emergency from the Opioid Epidemic

On August 10th, 2017, President Trump officially declared a national emergency because of the opioid epidemic that has rapidly grown over the past decade to ravage several states and leave a path of devastation. This is a major step in the right direction for recognizing the effects that addiction have had on our country, and taking steps to fight the rise of the addiction. However, while exposure and discussion are incredibly important things, it’s also important to look at the practical ways that this will help states improve the treatment of addicts, and how laws regarding substance abuse will be handled. Here is some information about what this specifically means...
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