Bottle of opioids spilled on counter

01 Feb Opioid Epidemic Might Peak in 2017

Addiction and substance abuse, we’d venture to say, is currently the number one largest health issue on the planet today. By far, the number of fatalities due to addiction have been driven upward by the increases that have been experienced in the opioid epidemic. However, according to one group of researchers, the opioid epidemic might just about be at its peak, after which it will finally relent and reach a manageable level. Here is some information about the light that might be at the end of the tunnel, regarding opioid addiction...
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15 May Making Peace to Empower Recovery

A woman stands by a tree and watches the sunriseAddiction is a battle that can tear up the soul of a person, as it creates a torrent of internal struggle that breeds further conflict in life. This is no way to live. Luckily, although addiction can be a difficult monster to face, it doesn’t mean that it has to control our lives. The road to recovery is one with many obstacles, each of which will require a tremendous amount of personal growth. However, the most important of these steps is the process through which we are able to find peace within ourselves. This is the foundation through which all other growth can be accomplished, but it is one that is difficult to lay. Here is some advice on how to make peace to empower your recovery...
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