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10 Oct Low Intensity Workouts to Help Recovery

When on a path of addiction recovery, it is important to use every tool that you have available to you to get your life back on track and beat addiction. One of these tools is exercise. Exercise helps both the brain and body heal from the damage that was done from substance abuse, and can help your brain regulate its dopamine production to achieve chemical balance. Here are some low-intensity workouts that can help you in recovery...
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20 Sep Coping Mechanisms for Cravings

Reaching true and lasting recovery is a difficult challenge that puts you on a path with many twists and turns. Many people in recovery suffer a relapse at least once, but that shouldn’t be viewed as failure. Instead, relapse should be just another stumble in the road, but not a reason to give up on reaching recovery. The reason that relapse is so prevalent is because of the intense cravings that the mind experiences when it suffers from withdrawals. Here are some coping mechanisms that can help reject cravings, when they come along...
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15 Jul How Our Words Affect Addiction

Language, and the words that we choose to address the world around us, have incredible power. Indeed, the entirety of society is built on the back of language and the ability to share ideas in coherent ways. As such, when we tackle problems that face our society today, we need to recognize that the language that we use has a profound impact on how those problems are viewed and addressed. Today, there is nothing that this phenomenon relates to more than our current addiction epidemic. Here are some of the ways that it is important to recognize how our language affects the wider conversation on addiction, substance abuse, and recovery...
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01 May Finding Adventure Beyond Addiction

Life after treatment can be a terrifying leap for those who have worked hard to shed the hold of addiction on their lives. However, reaching true and lasting recovery can open up a life to more beauty and excitement than can be realized when in the midst of addiction. Beyond addiction, life is full of adventures to reach forward and grasp. Here are some tips on how to rediscover the adventure that life can offer after addiction...
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01 Apr Americans Have Frequently Overcome Substance Abuse

When we think of the situation of substance abuse in the United States, it is frequently one of complete despair. We often hear about the spread of the opioid epidemic, and the rising numbers of addiction that we see in our society. However, the good news for those with addiction is that they aren’t alone in their struggle, and that there are plenty who have moved on from substance abuse. One particular new poll by the Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services in New York found that a shocking 10% of American adults had beaten a problem with alcohol or illicit drugs (on top of that, 1 in 3 American adults had quit smoking, successfully).
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08 Sep Finding Power in Vulnerability

When Brene Brown’s TED talk was released in 2010, her message of wholehearted living struck a chord with millions of people around the world. Speaker, author, and professor Brene Brown has spent years researching shame, courage, and vulnerability. Her research sheds a fascinating light on how we can improve our lives by reversing the fear and shame that holds us back, and instead embracing courage and vulnerability. She teaches people to show up, allow themselves to be seen, and live brave.
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