08 May Sugar Addiction Works like Drug Abuse

A head of sugar cubes.Although many people would consider themselves above any sort of substance abuse, there is one particular thing that we all consume which has the power to be incredibly damaging to our bodies, if it is done in excess. This substance, of course, is sugar, and it can actually be classified as an addictive substance. Although it may seem strange for us to be discussing sugar on our blog, a recent study has shown that the way our bodies react to excessive amounts of sugar is shockingly similar to the way that they respond to many illicit substances. Here is some information on how sugar addiction works in eerily similar ways as drug addiction...
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01 May Drug Trafficking and the Panama Papers

Made in Panama stamp.Addiction is a huge epidemic in America, right now, just as it is in many places around the world. The rates of incredibly dangerous and highly illicit substance abuse continues to climb, and is affecting the lives of every demographic, regardless of class, race, age, or gender. However, this problem doesn’t just come from nowhere. The global drug trafficking industry is enormous, raking in an annual revenue of $400 billion, which is higher than the nominal GDP of all but the top 26 richest countries in the world. To put this in perspective, you could end world hunger twice over with the profits that are made in the illegal drug industry. So, why is this industry allowed to persists, and how does it remain thriving in heavily industrialized countries that should be able to eliminate this issue, financially? One huge recent story gives us a glimpse into how this industry is financed...
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A pair of arms prays to the sun.

22 Apr How Spirituality Builds a Foundation for Recovery

When it comes to facing the battle of addiction, few programs have had the same level of success that the 12-step program has been able to experience. A large part of this is because a huge portion of the 12-step program centers around the concept of spirituality, which is a crucial element of building towards a solid recovery. It is important to note that there is a distinction between religion and spirituality, as a religion represents a very specific set of guidelines and beliefs. Spirituality, however, is regarded as a more personal way of alleviating the self-centeredness of our lives. It is a way to accept that we are in the hands of a higher power (even if a person doesn’t believe in God; atheists must accept spirituality, as well). Here is some information about how spirituality builds a foundation for recovery...
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A group of teenagers drinks and parties.

15 Apr The Shocking Number of Teenage Alcoholics

Sadly, a huge part of the teenage experience in this country is wrapped up in a party culture that glorifies substances like alcohol. There is a clear link between the age that people start to experiment with alcohol, and those who have continuous problems with alcoholism throughout their lives. The younger a person begins to start drinking, the more likely it is that they will struggle with this addiction, later on. This means that it is incredibly important to try to discourage underage drinking now, rather than try to face the addictions that will happen later on. There is a lot of work that needs to be done in this arena, though, as the numbers of teenagers who drink are still shockingly high. Here’s some information about the number of teenagers who are using alcohol...
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A girl smokes a cigarette in lingerie.

08 Apr The Glorification of Sex Addiction

While the plague of substance abuse continues to hurt the country, as well as the rest of the world, there are many types of addiction that continue to affect people in the modern world. One of these addictions that particularly tears apart families and relationships is sex and porn addiction. The prominence of sex addiction, particularly in wealthier countries like America, is not necessarily surprising. People in liberalized, industrial nations enjoy a wealth of ideological luxuries, such as free speech and an open media. However, they also experience the side effects that this can bring, such as an abundance of media that might be promoting unsafe ideas. This certainly happens, when it comes to sex addiction and the ways that certain media glorifies it...
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A woman cries by the fence.

01 Apr Addiction and Hiding from Reality

What is it that drives so many people into the arms of a disease like addiction, which is destroying countless lives in our country and the world over? The truth is that the effects of so many illicit substances make these people feel incredible, for a short time. They are able to melt away the pain and the turmoil of the real world by using substances that drag them further into an addiction that becomes harder and harder to fight, the further involved you get with it. That’s the real reason addiction becomes so prevalent. We live in a world that is very complex, and it can be easy to be overcome with anxiety when the stresses of modern life begin to seep in. Drugs offer an escape, but in turn only contribute more to the problems we face...
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