Moving boxes

22 Jul When Moving On Literally Means Moving

You have decided to change your life, and to give yourself a fresh start.   Relapse after rehab is a common occurrence, and you need to do everything that you can to prevent it from happening — even if that means moving.  Relapse often occurs due to triggers such as stress, fear, depression, watching TV, walking down a certain road, or sitting in a place that you used to use drugs or alcohol.  You can help combat some of these by moving to a new city, or even just a new neighborhood.  Read on to learn more.  
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Teenager girl viewing social media in a dark room.

15 Jul Social Media and Substance Abuse

Between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. teens spend at least six and a half hours a day on social media, and an average of 44.5 hours per week of screen time.  Social media has changed the world.  Teens interact more with each other via internet than they do in real life.  Unfortunately, social media has a profound effect on young minds, and can even increase their likelihood to use drugs and alcohol.  Read on to learn more.  
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Looking into the mirror

08 Jul How to Reconnect With Your Sober Self

If you have been reliant on drugs and alcohol and have recently delved down a path of sobriety, it may be time to press your emotional reset button and reconnect to your sober self.  Things will be different than they were before, your social circle may have changed, things that you enjoy doing will be different and more.  Here are some ways to help you reconnect with yourself for a better you.  
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hollywood sign

15 Jun Why Is Drug Use So Prevalent in Hollywood?

Addiction affects people from all walks of life, and the entertainment industry is definitely no exception. Drug abuse, addiction, and overdose unfortunately seem all-too-common in Hollywood, and it makes you wonder what it is about Hollywood that makes drug use practically the norm. Here is a look at some reasons as to why drug use might be so prevalent in the entertainment industry.
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alcoholism definition

01 Jun Type I vs. Type II Alcoholism

When seeking to understand and treat alcoholism, it is important to recognize that there is a great deal of variation among alcohol addicts in terms of causes of addiction, physical effects, psychological effects, and more. Yet even with all of this variance, there are some trends and widespread similarities that can be experts can delineate among alcoholics. One such distinction that experts make is between type I and type II alcoholism, also known as Cloninger type I/type II typology. Here is a look at type I and type II alcoholism, according to Cloninger typology.
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22 May Finding Value in Sober Pursuits

A group of girls laugh in their car.During the path to recovery, one challenging obstacle might be finding new ways to spend your time, since a life of substance abuse often consumes this time, and forces you to devote yourself to usage. For many recovering addicts, it can be difficult to accomplish the fulfillment that should be enjoyed in sober pursuits and activities, at least at first. The pleasure that drugs and substance abuse are able to elicit in your nervous system can be something that is hard to replace, especially since your brain has been programmed to desire that particular thing, but it is absolutely imperative that you do so. Here is some information on how to find value in sober pursuits...
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15 May Making Peace to Empower Recovery

A woman stands by a tree and watches the sunriseAddiction is a battle that can tear up the soul of a person, as it creates a torrent of internal struggle that breeds further conflict in life. This is no way to live. Luckily, although addiction can be a difficult monster to face, it doesn’t mean that it has to control our lives. The road to recovery is one with many obstacles, each of which will require a tremendous amount of personal growth. However, the most important of these steps is the process through which we are able to find peace within ourselves. This is the foundation through which all other growth can be accomplished, but it is one that is difficult to lay. Here is some advice on how to make peace to empower your recovery...
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