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01 Dec How to Recognize a Functional Alcoholic

When it comes to substance abuse, alcoholism is one of the most prevalent forms of it in existence. Today, nearly 1 out of every 10 adults in the United States suffers from alcohol dependence, according to the CDC. These numbers are alarmingly high, and almost unbelievable. However, the reason that alcoholism is able to persist at such a high rate is that it often goes unnoticed, or at least less noticed than it should. While most people envision an alcoholic as a person who can barely walk and talk due to their alcohol consumption, the truth is that many alcoholics are what would be classified as functional alcoholics, who abuse alcohol, yet still function in their daily lives. Indeed, someone you know is probably a high-functioning alcoholic. Here are some of the signs to recognize this behavior...
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01 Nov Recognizing the Signs of an Overdose

Drugs and other illicit substances can have a lot of scary effects, especially when someone is addicted. However, perhaps the most scary thing that can happen is an overdose.

Why Do Overdoses Happen?

Overdoses happen because the nature of addiction is that you have to take more and more to get the same effect. Addiction means that you act a certain way regardless of risk, so your perception of danger will probably be skewed. It’s important that we remove the stigma that we often have connected to overdoses. They can happen to anyone struggling with addiction, even when they’re trying their best to make positive changes in their life.

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15 Oct Cold Turkey and Tobacco Addiction Part 2


This post is a continuation of a previous article that discussed a recent study on the success rate of quitting tobacco, immediately, versus an approach that gradually takes the subject off of tobacco. While there was a higher success rate for those who quit immediately, there are other factors that needed to be considered. This post will discuss other factors into quitting smoking, and offer tips that quitters may find helpful in their journey.

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01 Oct Cold Turkey and Tobacco Addiction Part 1


Tobacco use is a prevalent problem in our society. It is the leading preventable cause of death in the United States and contributes to over 480,000 deaths every year, meaning that 1 in every 5 premature deaths in this country are tied to tobacco use. However, getting people to stop smoking is a challenging public issue, as the dependency that is caused by nicotine is a lot more powerful than many people realize. However, some recent studies have suggested that many programs have the wrong idea about getting people to quit tobacco, and that simply stopping immediately might actually be the best option.

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Rebuilding trust

15 Sep Rebuild Trust

Unfortunately, after the lies and betrayal of addiction, it is very difficult for someone to trust you again.  However, it is possible.  It will take a lot of work and a lot of dedication, but after some time, you will be able to rebuild that trust, and maybe even have a stronger relationship because of it.  Read on to learn how you can rebuild trust after an addiction.  
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01 Sep Finances after Addiction

Addiction recovery allows you to rebuild your life, and part of that rebuild, is rebuilding your finances.   You will need to learn to manage your finances as you may be deep in the hole after years of addiction.  Below is a guide to help you rebuild your financial situation.
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14 Aug Parenting and Addiction: Beating the Blame Game

Parenting is tough Recently, a prominent billboard lining Utah highways was taken down in response to a petition. This billboard stated “Addiction can be prevented; Parenting is prevention.” While the sentiment was probably meant well, it’s easy to see how this can be a hurtful and false statement. It’s natural to see implied message: if effective parenting can prevent addiction, and you have a child who suffers from addiction, you didn’t do a good job and you should have prevented it. It’s difficult to change this message and mentality instead to one that can promote productive behavior. However, when it comes to personal blame and the struggle of dealing with helping a child overcome addiction, the question is much more personal: is there something I did wrong? How could I let this happen? Even when we know better, hypothetically, it’s hard to make the self-doubting demons go away.
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01 Aug Naloxone Enables Us To Help Our Loved Ones

ClimbingHave you seen the ads for Naloxone popping up all over billboards along the Wasatch range? Utah Naloxone is an organization that seeks to prevent deaths from overdoses by making a powerful first aid resource available to everyone.

Utah Overdoses By The Numbers

Between 2012 and 2014, Utah had the fourth highest fatality rate from drug overdoses. Utah has the highest rate of death in veterans from opioid abuse. Every week, 6 people in Utah die from opioid use. Overdoses are the leading cause of injury death in Utah--even more common than vehicle accidents.
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15 Jul Build Boundaries to Protect Your Recovery

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An important part of staying sober after recovery is learning to avoid temptation and triggers that will send you back into bad old habits. In order to create an environment that will nurture your recovery when you come home, you need to learn how to set boundaries in your life and your relationships.

Many of us hesitate to set boundaries, thinking that it makes us cowardly, selfish, or mean. However, boundaries are actually a mark of courage and compassion, according to researcher Brene Brown:

“Daring to set boundaries is about having the courage to love ourselves, even when we risk disappointing others.”

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