A man swims in a pool.

10 Oct Low Intensity Workouts to Help Recovery

When on a path of addiction recovery, it is important to use every tool that you have available to you to get your life back on track and beat addiction. One of these tools is exercise. Exercise helps both the brain and body heal from the damage that was done from substance abuse, and can help your brain regulate its dopamine production to achieve chemical balance. Here are some low-intensity workouts that can help you in recovery...
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An anxious girl with glasses bites her fingers

20 Sep Coping Mechanisms for Cravings

Reaching true and lasting recovery is a difficult challenge that puts you on a path with many twists and turns. Many people in recovery suffer a relapse at least once, but that shouldn’t be viewed as failure. Instead, relapse should be just another stumble in the road, but not a reason to give up on reaching recovery. The reason that relapse is so prevalent is because of the intense cravings that the mind experiences when it suffers from withdrawals. Here are some coping mechanisms that can help reject cravings, when they come along...
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An orange and blue zebrafish

10 Sep How Zebrafish Help Us Study Addiction

In order to face the spread of addiction and combat the growing epidemic that has ravaged through a multitude of different states, there is nothing more important than the continuation of research towards how addiction affects the body and mind. Through research projects that continue to delve into this topic and further our understanding, we can then begin to develop ways to lessen the effects that it has on so many people. Here is some interesting information about a recent study on zebrafish that was conducted by the University of Utah that is opening the ways that we can study addiction...
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A blackboard is covered with opioid topics

01 Sep Trump Declares a National Emergency from the Opioid Epidemic

On August 10th, 2017, President Trump officially declared a national emergency because of the opioid epidemic that has rapidly grown over the past decade to ravage several states and leave a path of devastation. This is a major step in the right direction for recognizing the effects that addiction have had on our country, and taking steps to fight the rise of the addiction. However, while exposure and discussion are incredibly important things, it’s also important to look at the practical ways that this will help states improve the treatment of addicts, and how laws regarding substance abuse will be handled. Here is some information about what this specifically means...
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An arm gets an IV put inside of it

15 Aug Vivitrol vs Suboxone and Methadone

Addiction operates by not only affecting the psychology of an addict so that they need the drug, but some substances create a physical dependency within the user that requires them to get the drug, in order for several functions of their body to continue. Physical withdrawals from a powerful drug can be incredibly dangerous, and even lethal to some addicts. For this reason, an important part of addiction recovery is using medication to transition the user from dependency, particularly opioid dependency, to physical recovery. For this, there are two schools of thought, currently. On one hand, some people claim that vivitrol is the drug of the future, while others want substances that were traditionally used, such as suboxone and methadone. Here’s some information about these two different types of drugs...
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A woman covers her face in a blur

01 Aug Mental Disorders that Increase Impulsiveness

Addiction is a behavioral disease that thrives on impulsive behavior. Impulsiveness is often the key that drives people towards an initial behavior of substance abuse, and then addiction takes hold and makes it difficult to stop. For this reason, there is a connection between mental disorders that cause impulsiveness and addiction. This particular phenomenon is called dual diagnosis. Because of this, it’s important for people who suffer from these particular mental disorders to be aware of the risks that impulsive behavior comes with, and to address these risks before they end up in a worse situation. Here are some mental disorders that increase impulsive behavior...
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A group talks about addiction

15 Jul How Our Words Affect Addiction

Language, and the words that we choose to address the world around us, have incredible power. Indeed, the entirety of society is built on the back of language and the ability to share ideas in coherent ways. As such, when we tackle problems that face our society today, we need to recognize that the language that we use has a profound impact on how those problems are viewed and addressed. Today, there is nothing that this phenomenon relates to more than our current addiction epidemic. Here are some of the ways that it is important to recognize how our language affects the wider conversation on addiction, substance abuse, and recovery...
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A group of teens wraps a joint.

01 Jul Addiction Follows Teens to Adulthood

As a parent, there are few things that are more stressful than the idea that our kids are on a troubling path, and are making destructive decisions that we cannot stop them from. When these fears manifest in today’s society, it is usually in the form of substance abuse. While it’s understandable that you don’t want to be an overbearing helicopter parent (that would probably have an adverse effect, anyways), you should also make sure to know what your child is up to and what they are doing. Addiction has a terrifying knack of following young people into adulthood in a variety of ways, and it’s important to challenge substance abuse early. Here’s some information about the conundrum of young people and addiction...
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