16 Jan The Addictive Effects of Sugar

One of the most widely addictive substances abused by humans is not an illegal drug, it’s a common ingredient in almost every food we eat. Sugar is a household item that we accept as a normal part of our diets, but science is uncovering more and more evidence of how harmful to our bodies it can be.

When you consider the similarities that exist between heroin and sugar, it becomes clear that this substance is not one we should keep as a staple of nutrition. Both heroin and sugar have a similar effect on the brain. They both activate beta endorphin receptors there that produce the pleasurable sensation that leads to addiction. Although sugar produces this effect on a much smaller scale than heroin, we consume it in such large quantities that addiction is a common side effect of both. Addiction to sugar is evident in the same ways that it appears among heroin users. Those addicted to sugar experience cravings, build up a tolerance to it over time, and experience symptoms of withdrawal when they stop eating it.

The similarity between sugar and heroin that is the greatest cause for concern are the negative effects it has on the body. High Intensity Training Centers compiled a list of 40 negative effects that sugar is known to have on the body. Among them are potential damage to internal organs like the kidneys, stomach and liver. Sugar also increases the risk for life threatening diseases like diabetes. It promotes tooth decay and can cause or exacerbate disorders like anxiety, depression, arthritis, and asthma.

Consuming too much sugar can be as harmful to your body over the course of time similar to addiction to drugs. The negative side effects associated with sugar can be mitigated by reducing or eliminating your intake of sugar, especially refined sugar. There are a few, simple changes that can be made to cleanse your diet of sugar. Choose to eat raw, organic fruits and vegetables to curb your craving for refined sugar. Replace pastries with whole grain bread and raw honey. Satisfy your desire for crunchy snacks with raw nuts and trail mixes.

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