Though seen as relatively harmless by some people, marijuana can cause many problems, ranging from tense family relationships to brain damage.



Most people have used marijuana. Indeed, nearly half of all Americans have reported that they have tried marijuana at some point in their lives. Specifically, though, marijuana comprises of dried leaves, stems, and flowers from the cannabis plant. While the most common form of marijuana consumption is smoking, the substance can also be vaporized, brewed, and eaten. Nearly one in fourteen (about 7%) of teenagers reported using marijuana on a monthly basis in 2013, according to one report. Marijuana usage has continued to climb in the United States, and is becoming more commonplace.

Marijuana culture in the United States

A growing number of young adults use marijuana on a regular basis. Indeed, while less young people are smoking tobacco and drinking alcohol on a regular basis, more and more young people have replaced these habits with marijuana smoking. Culturally, marijuana is typically used as a way to relax, due to the lethargic effects of the drug. Due to the fact that marijuana has less adverse effects than many other illicit substances, there is a misconception that there are no dangers to using marijuana. However, this is not the case…

Physical effects of marijuana

Using marijuana can cause an impairment of vision, along with other brain functions. For example, THC causes adverse effects on your motor skills, such as a slower reaction time. Marijuana can also cause respiratory issues, and increases the user’s heart rate. The drowsiness caused by marijuana can also decrease your sex drive, over time.

Mental effects of marijuana

There are also a handful of adverse mental effects that come with using marijuana. Mental impairment is a common side effect that happens when you are high from cannabis. On top of that, many individuals report a difficulty in finding motivation, and struggle from overall drowsiness, when using marijuana. While some people have used marijuana as a cure for anxiety problems, in states where medical marijuana is legal, others have reported a rise in anxiety and paranoia after using marijuana.

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