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Warning Signs of Cocaine Addiction and AbuseThe physical warning signs of cocaine abuse can vary depending on the person. Quite often the eyes are a good indicator of cocaine use; a user’s eyes may appear wide, bloodshot, or have dilated pupils. Stimulants like cocaine increase heart rate and blood pressure so heart irregularities can be a warning sign. Cocaine users often have an elevated speech pattern and speech irregularities. Because cocaine is an appetite suppressant, people who use cocaine regularly often lose weight or have a decreased appetite. And because cocaine is powerful stimulant, people who use cocaine often have a difficult time falling asleep or suffer from disruptive, inconsistent sleep patterns.

Other warning signs that someone might be using and/or abusing cocaine or crack cocaine include:

  • job loss
  • bloodshot eyes
  • wide pupils
  • insomnia
  • irritability
  • frequent mood swings
  • problems with work performance
  • frequent tardiness or absence from work
  • debt money problems
  • nose bleeds
  • anxiety attacks
  • family issues
  • rapid or irregular heartbeat
  • relationship problems
  • not fulfilling obligations at home or work
  • giving up activities or friendships
  • the shakes, nausea, or other physical illness (due to withdrawal of not having cocaine)

These warning signs are what to look for if you suspect someone you know might be using cocaine. Like any warning sign, they are no guarantee, merely indicators to raise serious concerns.

Help for Cocaine Addiction

If you suspect that someone you love is using cocaine, know that they can get help from Therápia. At Therápia, we believe in the principles of the 12 Steps. Honesty, personal accountability, reliance on a higher power and service to others are the foundations of our program. We build on these foundations and the principles of the 12 Steps using modalities such as:

  • Emotional and shame-based belief system work
  • cognitive and behavioral techniques
  • defense mechanism identification
  • therapeutic community
  • relapse prevention
  • case management
  • experiential and equine therapy
  • family systems work

Some of our clients needing cocaine addiction help experience both substance abuse and other mental health issues. Our sophisticated clinical team has the qualifications, experience, and expertise necessary to deal effectively with substance abuse issues as well as a wide range of mental health issues during cocaine addiction treatment. Our clients leave cocaine rehab at Therapia with the tools necessary to stay clean and sober and live life at its fullest, capable of dealing with the many issues they may be confronted with.

If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction to cocaine or other drugs, call 1-855-652-4325 today to speak with an intake specialist. The first step in the process is to get an accurate assessment of the person’s level of addiction and level of desire to get sober. Once a thorough assessment has been completed we can determine if the person is appropriate for our center. Our Rehab center is a wonderful place for those struggling with addiction in Utah or Nevada. We are just a few hours away from Las Vegas in Saint George, UT. Getting help is just a phone call away.