06 Aug Addiction Recovery Quote of The Day June 21, 2012

“No man is angry that feels not himself hurt.”
-Francis Bacon

Depression has long been seen as caused in part by unfelt pain or anger that we are unable to express for one reason or another and so turn inward onto ourselves. If anger and pain go unfelt and unexpressed over a long period of time, they drag on the spirit and depress it.

Learning to feel anger and do constructive things about it helps to build self-esteem, and self-esteem helps to reduce anger. On the other hand, escaping anger by acting out, yelling, screaming, hitting, or being violent tends to reduce self-esteem. It is at best a temporary relief, but it is borne out of a person who is feeling bad about herself. Acting out the anger makes me feel worse about myself. I feel ashamed of my out-of-control actions but may be unable to admit that shame to myself or others. Consequently, to avoid feeling the shame, I continue to act out the anger and hurt in destructive way.

I can feel pain and anger.

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