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01 Apr Addiction and Hiding from Reality

What is it that drives so many people into the arms of a disease like addiction, which is destroying countless lives in our country and the world over? The truth is that the effects of so many illicit substances make these people feel incredible, for a short time. They are able to melt away the pain and the turmoil of the real world by using substances that drag them further into an addiction that becomes harder and harder to fight, the further involved you get with it. That’s the real reason addiction becomes so prevalent. We live in a world that is very complex, and it can be easy to be overcome with anxiety when the stresses of modern life begin to seep in. Drugs offer an escape, but in turn only contribute more to the problems we face…

Addiction is a coping mechanism

Addiction, whether it be from sex, alcohol, or other illicit substances, is a unique coping mechanism for dealing with the world. Addiction allows you to lose yourself entirely in something that is a fantasy of chemical reactions in your brain. Rather than deal with social situations that might be difficult, or tackle issues in their lives head on, addiction allows these people to forget their problems. Addiction is also able to remove the pressing feelings of self-doubt that so many people have.

An escape never solves anything

The problem with this behavior is that it doesn’t actually solve any problems. Whether you are hiding from them or not, the issues in your real life still exist and must be dealt with. Addiction, while seemingly providing a way to escape from these issues, only makes them worse by becoming yet another problem to deal with, and one that is likely so much more challenging to face. An escape never actually solves anything. All it does is prolong any real personal development that a person must undertake to achieve tangible growth.

Drugs make you feel incredible

As we stated above, it’s important not to forget that drugs will make you feel immense pleasure, initially. When an addiction begins, the addict truly believes that this addiction is what is bringing pleasure to their lives. However, as the addiction continues, they begin to realize that the addiction is actually hurting their life more than creating any real pleasure. However, at this stage, addiction has rewired your brain to make it much harder to stop.

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