Addiction and Divorce

01 Feb Addiction and Divorce

There are many different things that can cause a separation in a marriage. Marriage is full of different struggles and obstacles that the couple must face while they are together. However, few challenges are as trying and difficult, and can pose as much of a threat to the stability of the marriage as addiction. The mental disease of addiction can be difficult to recognize for the person who suffers from it, and it can take their mind down a path of dependency that is quite a task of reverse. However, marriage is a pledge to support each other through thick and thin, and this certainly is an instance where an addict is going to need the help of their spouse even more than they know. Here are some things to remember about addiction before thinking about a divorce…

An addict’s failure to stop does not reflect on how much they love their spouse

It’s important for the spouse of an addict to recognize that the actions of an addict to get better aren’t necessarily tied with the affection that they have for them. Addicts are addicts because they have developed a dependency for a substance that their mind has tricked them into believing they need. Under these circumstances, it is incredibly difficult to make the right decision when the very tool that is used to make decisions (your mind) has been altered to give into powerful impulses.

Trying to make changes at home can be helpful

To be clear, it is not the fault of the spouse if their significant other ends up on a path of addiction and substance abuse. Regardless of whether or not they contributed to the decisions that ended in addiction, it is still the addict themselves who made the final decision to use a substance (even if they didn’t understand the full effects). However, trying to adjust the environment at home can play a huge part in the role of getting an addict through treatment. A dysfunctional home environment can magnify the illusory need that an addict has to use.

Divorce shouldn’t be the first option

It’s important that the spouse of an addict, or their children, are not put in any precarious situations. However, if possible, jumping into a separation at the first sign of addiction can be a lot more harmful than helpful. Such an event would likely cause the life of the addict to spiral further into instability, which could deepen their dependency.

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