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01 Jul 9 Sober Summer Activities

If you’ve decided to embark on a sober summer, you might feel a little discouraged trying to fill your time with activities .  Fear not.  Below is a list of 9 activities to fill your summer with fun.  


If you live in an area with beautiful hiking trails, get a hiking buddy and go for a long relaxing walk in nature.  

Visit a Drive-In Movie

Many cities still have the nostalgic drive-in theatres that you can visit once the sun starts to set.  Most of the time, you can get two features for the price of one.

Visit a Farmer’s Market

During the summer months, farmer’s markets crop up around town with delicious local foods and crafts.  You might find your new favorite thing if you visit one!

Go Stargazing

Find a place just outside of the city that is dark enough to see the stars and gaze at the wonders of the universe with a few friends.  You can download a stargazing app like SkyView to help you find constellations.  

Go on a Road Trip

If you have a few days, get a group of friends together for a fun summer road trip! If you only have a weekend, you can always take a short trip to somewhere that is 3 hours or less away.  

Read a New Book

According to Google, there are 129,864,880 books in the world.  Visit your local library and pick one out that sounds good.  Popular books include: Me Before You, Crisis of Character, End of Watch, Before the Fall, and After You.

Go Geocaching

Geocaching is a fun way to explore your city and get something exciting while doing so.  You use GPS technology to find a “cache,” filled with treasures from previous visitors.  You are allowed to take something as long as you leave something in it’s place.  

Enter a Triathlon or 5k

You can use the summer to train for a triathlon or 5k.  Runner’s World, RoadRaceRunner, or TriFind are great resources to find a race near you that you can train for.  

Pick Up A New Hobby

Summer is the perfect time to pick up a new hobby.  If you’re feeling artistic, start learning how to paint, play a musical instrument, or start drawing.   If you’re feeling sporty, you can try to pick up stilt walking, badminton, tennis, unicycle riding, etc.  Other fun ideas include face painting, balloon tying, Pinterest crafting, etc.  


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