01 Jul 4 Ways Technology Can Help You Overcome Addiction

For better or for worse, technology truly has changed the way that we as a society communicate and live our lives on a daily basis. And if you let it, it can also change the way you approach your recovery from addiction—for the better. Here are four key ways that technology can help you to overcome a drug or alcohol addiction.

Blogging and social media

Spending time with social media and becoming involved in the blogosphere can be addictive in itself if you’re not careful, but these forms of online communication can also be extremely beneficial when used in uplifting ways. Sharing your experience online—if you’re comfortable doing that, of course—is a great way to reach out to others who may be coping with similar struggles that you have dealt with, and it’s a great way to connect with some who might be navigating recovery from addiction at a similar pace that you are. This can help you stay motivated in your own recovery, not mention hold you accountable for continued success in your recovery. Blogging and social media also offer you an opportunity to celebrate your successes and milestones with others.

Recovery apps

There are also apps geared toward helping those who are recovering from addiction. You can download such an app to your smartphone or tablet to help you keep track of milestones, receive daily inspiration in the form of quotes, and find daily reading geared toward what you’re struggling with on a particular day. In addition to these dedicated recovery apps, you can also explore the vast realm of fitness, health, and learning apps, which are all geared toward living a more fulfilling lifestyle.

Instant communication with your support system

Don’t forget that with mobile phones, email, social media, video chatting, and more, keeping in touch with friends and family has never been easier. Take advantage of this and use the technology you have at hand to get in touch with members of your support system as soon as you need to. Should you find yourself struggling with a strong temptation to use again, or with low self-confidence, simply talking to a member of your support system can help you to relieve stress and calm your fears.

Instant connection to resources

With the mobile devices we carry in our pockets, we have access to a world of information virtually every minute of every day. This means that in addition to receiving help from friends, family, and addiction recovery specialists, you can at any time access a wide range of resources geared toward helping you overcome addiction. Addiction recovery forums are filled with discussion about techniques that have helped others to overcome certain cravings; online encyclopedias contain all the information you would ever need about the health consequences of a particular drug; and you’ll find a wide variety of video resources that demonstrate stress management techniques like meditation. Though on any given day during your recovery you might be able to think of a number of reasons tempting you to use again, you will also always be able to find resources online that are advocating for your sobriety.

Dr. Craig Georgianna has more than twenty years’ experience working with individuals, couples, and families in a myriad of settings. He specializes in treating substance use, abuse and dependence, trauma, and individuals with sexual and multiple addictions. Dr. Georgianna’s experience includes over a decade of directorial experience with chemical dependency, treatment, and recovery programs throughout the Southern California area.

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