Treatment for Women

At Therapia for Women, we provide a gender-specific program to address the needs of women seeking help for substance abuse. Research has shown that women respond differently to substance abuse treatment than men. Women tend to be more attuned to connection while men tend to be more attuned to differentiation. Programs for women are more effective if they concentrate on connections with other people and offer ways for the women to master their lives while keeping those relationships intact. We provide that type of program for women who want to get sober.

Addiction affects women differently, so for women, a more successful approach addresses their unique needs such as relationships with their partners, families and children, and their history of physical and sexual abuse. According to research, over 80% of women who struggle with addiction have suffered from abuse issues in the past. Women need to be in a safe environment so that they can address these issues. Getting to these core issues is vital to their sobriety.

Our program offers a holistic disease model approach that allows our clinicians the ability to treat the addiction as the primary problem while at the same time addressing other dimensions of the disease such as genetic predisposition, health consequences, shame, isolation and possible history of abuse. Our program is tailored to the relational needs of women and it also addresses women’s unique treatment issues in the areas of trauma, shame, coping mechanisms and self-worth.

During our recovery program, women work through each of the 12 steps and participate in a Therapeutic Community, experiential therapy, equine therapy as well as group and individual therapy to overcome their addiction and obtain a strong level of sobriety.