Benefits of Family Therapy for Recovering Addicts

family therapyFamily support is essential to the success of clients of Therápia, and we believe that including your family in your recovery can offer much-needed healing to both you and your family. Here are just some of the many benefits that family therapy can benefit both you and your family during your recovery.

Considering the family as a system

Members of a family do share a connection. Therefore, one way you can strengthen the health of the recovering addict is to strengthen the health of that individual’s family. In offering healing to a family, be it through individual or group family therapy, family members become better equipped to help their loved one and support them through their recovery. Think of it as modifying one component of the system to affect the other components.

Breaking codependency

In many families where an individual is affected by addiction, codependency can develop. In codependency, family members of a drug or alcohol addict lose the ability to have healthy, mutually satisfying relationships with a loved one. Relationships become one-sided, emotionally destructive, or even abusive. Family therapy can help family members identify codependent relationships and transform them into relationships where family members are truly supporting and uplifting one another.

Preventing enabling behaviors

Oftentimes, loving family members with good intentions enable an addiction to continue by making excuses for the family member or by supporting that family member financially. Through family therapy, family members can learn to identify these behaviors which could enable an addiction to continue. They can also learn techniques for avoiding taking on new enabling behaviors in the future.

Improving communication

Strong communication is essential to providing support to a loved one in recovery. Through family therapy, a recovering addict and his or her family members might learn to overcome dysfunctional family rules which inhibit communication, such as:

  • “It’s never okay to talk about your feelings.”
  • “Don’t be selfish.”
  • “Do as I say, not as I do.”
  • “Indirect communication is better than direct communication.”


Offering healing

Every family member of a recovering addict needs some form of healing. Family therapy helps family members find the healing they need and practice the type of self-care that will strengthen their overall wellness.